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  1. koolkat

    The Neutral / Balanced Thread

    Any membership privileges? Discount on the HD800 maybe? 
  2. koolkat

    The Basshead Club

    Or better yet, a custom title underneath our usernames.   Basshead Certified or Team Basshead, etc. 
  3. koolkat

    The Basshead Club

    Definitely in.   Head-fi needs a Group thingie... fo srs.    My basshead cans are Senns HD438. Modded, dampened, friggin amazing for dub. 
  4. koolkat

    Did my Grado sr80i break?

    Pics would help illustrate your point better.    And running with Grados is just.. absurd. 
  5. koolkat

    People Don't Understand the Sheer Beauty of Audiophilia....

    Quote: Are you sure this isn't just a fling? You said it yourself, you're new to all this but you're already gunning for the high end headphones. It can get pretty pressurising being around people who talk about their thousand dollar rigs all day. You sound like my friend who was into...
  6. koolkat

    is mp3 320kbps good enough for sennheiser hd 598?

    Quote:   Lol'd.   "hmm this really doesnt sound very good I bet it is low bitrate"   Now get a lossless file of the same song and convert it to mp3 320kbps and 256kbps.   Put all 4 versions of the song on your playlist.   Even if you can tell the difference from lossless...
  7. koolkat

    Happy birthday to me.

    You'll be tried as an adult from now on...    so don't go around doing anything stupid today.    Happy birthday. 
  8. koolkat

    Skullcandy Aviators vs. ATH M50

    Quote: Well it depends on what aspect of rock and what type of bands he likes. I like my The Killers with my Grados, but RHCP just sounds better on my HD438 which are bassier than Grados. 
  9. koolkat

    Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

    Quote: You might want to also post that question in the PA2V2 Appreciation thread.c  
  10. koolkat

    Skullcandy Aviators vs. ATH M50

    Quote: I wouldn't really play rock on Ultrasones, granted I've only heard the HFI-580. I've also never played any female vocals through them but I doubt they'd sound good on Ultrasones.    
  11. koolkat

    Skullcandy Aviators vs. ATH M50

    Quote:   Ultrasone + female vocals = Wat..    
  12. koolkat

    Intelligent dubstep thread

      I like this 
  13. koolkat

    Who's your least favorite musical artist?

      Quote:   I guess it depends on what your criteria(s) are when you judge whether a band is good or crappy. Imo, the autotune really didn't affect the song. It's not like the song relied on the vocalists' autotuned voice. A7X is technically superior to way more metal bands. Great...
  14. koolkat

    Skullcandy Aviators vs. ATH M50

    Quote: Well for starters, we have the Fostex T50RP (semi open, highly moddable) for $80 They lack bass in stock configuration though.   There's also the Superlux HD681/668B which have been compared to the...
  15. koolkat

    Skullcandy Aviators vs. ATH M50

    There are way more choices at that price point. Why restrict yourself to the M50 and Aviators? 
  16. koolkat

    Warning to all headfiers is a scam!

    Quote: This thread was created back in 07. It's 2011 now. But no, you decided to go ahead with the purchase when there are people here screaming "CHH IS A FRAUD". It's your fault. Lol @ that bit about interpol. 
  17. koolkat

    Why do people like bass so much?

    Because bass moves you.   All treble does is kill your ears.    /necro
  18. koolkat

    Durability of certain phones (Grado SR80is)?

    You really can't pocket the Grado cable. They're really too thick for portable use, imo. I'd say the wires (especially the Y-link) is the main weakness of the SR80. 
  19. koolkat

    Reply to review by 'koolkat' on item 'Thunderpants'

    They're beautiful.
  20. koolkat

    Any Thoughts on the Windows 8 Developer Preview?

    Yeah it looks really good.    Hopefully it doesn't lag or screw up like Vista.
  21. koolkat

    Is there a thread dedicated to bassheads ?

    Like this? o.o"
  22. koolkat

    Rationalwiki on audiophiles, what do you think?

    Man,   if people really thought their thousand dollar cables were that great, why not gather around a couple of people with cheaper cables and DBT? 
  23. koolkat

    ** Confessions of a Failing Audiophile ** - I hated the LCD2

    Off topic: How do people create usernames with spaces in between? o.O
  24. koolkat

    Official Groups feature?

    I did a search prior to starting this thread. While a couple of threads came up, they weren't in the right sub-forum.   Anyway, how about a Group feature?   There are quite a few fanclub and appreciation threads around and it'd be great if you could create a group and have the fanboys...
  25. koolkat

    Is there a thread dedicated to bassheads ?

    There should really be a Groups thing.    A basshead group would be nice.   I'm a partial basshead.    Two headphones : 1 for dubstep, 1 for rock.