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  1. KromaXamorK

    Sennheiser GSX 1000 / 1200 Impressions

    Somebody on pointed the fact that this bug only appear when you right click on the speaker in the tray bar as long as you entering in audio peripherals without this manipulation the 7.1 surround sound is still active.
  2. KromaXamorK

    Focal Spirit One Headphones
  3. KromaXamorK

    Cowon J3 Impressions Thread

    My bad I have a bad translation in french "Correcteur d'intensité" means like replaygain in english but when settings are in english I have "Pitch correction". 
  4. KromaXamorK

    Cowon J3 Impressions Thread

    - J3 supports replaygain sames as S9 (go to system>Music) - English manual available on Cowon Global. - I reported watch problem on iAudiophile (it happens after you plug your J3 on computer) - I ordered my J3 Sleek White on Exportprive (korean store with worldwilde shipping)
  5. KromaXamorK

    Cowon J3 Impressions Thread

    Plugin on computer or on sector you have almost the same screen (battery charging like data connection). On computer : On/Play>Nothing On sector : On/Play>J3 starts (if the USB adaptator have 1000mA)
  6. KromaXamorK

    Cowon J3 Impressions Thread

    Just not enough power by a computer's USB port (500mA)
  7. KromaXamorK

    Cowon J3 Impressions Thread

    J3 needs at least 1000mA adaptator to play and charge both.
  8. KromaXamorK

    any Android owners recomend must have apps?

    MortPlayer for music based on folder navigation. MotoTorch LED and DockRunner for Motorola. Kaloer Clock.
  9. KromaXamorK

    Onlineshop with only-Korean DAPs and MIDs

    Export Prive - Online Shopping for Korean, Japanese, Asian Consumer Electronics, Video Games, MP3 and Much More at Low P - Cowon This store has just opened in December 2009, for now I have one positive feedback on a french forum for a Cowon S9 (Korea to France>4/5 days delivering)
  10. KromaXamorK

    EQs for cowon s9

    No hissing for me and with those settings my maximum volume is 11 with IEM.
  11. KromaXamorK

    Cowon S9 questions

    It's an old music UCI (no jeteffect 3.0 in EQ selection), it can come with his mainmenu too but Aero G2 is more functional and customizable. This is Curve S Line. (Click on each picture to download it) Contains Mainmenu Chrome & Titanium (don't use music.swf in this archive) Contains...
  12. KromaXamorK

    Cowon S9 questions

    Leather pads for ATH-W5000.
  13. KromaXamorK

    Cowon S9 questions

    You're going to love it.
  14. KromaXamorK

    Cowon S9 questions

    Quote: Can you use Flash applications (Or any user added game equivalent) while listening to music? Yes with specific user interface (like ClawUI or Aero) you must create a custom icon as launcher for flash file. Stock UI use Flash folder but when you start a flash file by this way music...
  15. KromaXamorK

    EQs for cowon s9

    80hz - 6 wide 300hz - 7 wide 1.1khz - 6 wide 4.1khz - 8 wide 13khz -7 wide BBE+ : 5/4/2/On STE : 4
  16. KromaXamorK

    2 questions about Ultrasone 780. user's help!

    1) No need an amp. 2) Cowon S9 or eeePC directly.
  17. KromaXamorK

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    One of 7 soundtracks of Jigoku Shoujo (Hellgirl in USA) 2 per season + 1 Opening/Ending Credits for all 3 seasons)
  18. KromaXamorK

    Cowon S9 now has gapless!!!

    Woohoo!!! Sony and Samsung
  19. KromaXamorK

    Ipod Touch vs Cowon D2+ [update: Bought a Cowon S9]

    Quote: Originally Posted by lweijs For instance it's a shame you can't click on the cover art during the music playback screen to see the tracklist for that album or something similar. El Maco's Music menu do that : Forums - View Single Post - Music UCI's...
  20. KromaXamorK

    How can I obtain a Sony x1000 from U.K.?

    Have you try Advanced MP3??? Edit : Burn
  21. KromaXamorK

    Ranking Top IEM's

    1-Earback 3T SBass 2-Earback Music 2Way (My favourites) 3-Earsonics EM2-Pro 4-Westone 3 5-Westone UM2//Sleek SA6 with W1 (Bass++ ,Treble +) 6-Etymotic ER4-P 7-Sleek SA6 8-Shure E4C 9-Soundmagic PL-30 10-JVC-FX55 11-Sony MDR-51 (not sure about name) 12-Koss Plug 13-Samsung Pixon...