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  1. nitrotron

    Weirdest Headphones Yet? Calling all Takoyakis!

    I disagree. Those headphones are quite cute, most likely terrible sounding, but looks good for an occasion.    Anything on the Skullcandy line is weirder than the cat ears headphone. Plus, the japanese have a fetish for cute maids, and it is just further reinforcing the idea.  They even...
  2. nitrotron

    which Beyer is best for trance? the dt150, dt531/440, or dt990?

    The ultrasones should be considered, but you must realize they are not at all comfy even though they have good bass response. Beyers is where it's at because of the uber comfort and clarity they offer.    If you live in the US, you should go check out a local guitar center and test out the...
  3. nitrotron

    SRH840 or ATH-M50 or AH-D1001? It all depends really... Let's look

    Quote:   The paddings on the 840 are thicker than the M50. So they are bound to be pretty comfy unlike the younger brother 440, which has hideously small padding and just does not click with people with elf ears like myself. Have you tried the padding on the D2k's? they are so much more...
  4. nitrotron

    $100-$200 - for mostly Hip Hop and Electronica

    The bass on the M50 is not bad at all. Unless you wanna go with the Srh840 from Shures, the M50 should fit you just fine. 
  5. nitrotron

    ESW9A Deal

    Quote:   Randomly hijacking thread.  I hear many people say the ultrasones for trance, but people also said the dt880 is good for it even with a lower key bass impact. Anyone care to comment on which one would be better for long hours of listening?  
  6. nitrotron

    Most overrated headphones of all time?

    Quote: /thread.  
  7. nitrotron

    Yes, another "best amp for AKG K701" appreciated.

    For portable use, i doubt you can find something to drive that crazy mofo for $300. You are better of finding a desktop amp that would drive it decently for that price range. 
  8. nitrotron

    Beyer DT880 250ohm

    Quote:     Seeing that you own the 600 ohm ones, out of curiosity, can any portable amp drive those to a decently?  If not, which amp are you using to drive them at home?             Quote: Thanks for pointing out that review. From what i got out of it, it seems...
  9. nitrotron

    Best buy for $100?

    klipsch s4 if you bass and fun 
  10. nitrotron

    Beyer DT880 250ohm

    Is there any good portable amp to drive this?  I was thinking alone headstage arrow 12se but i am not sure how good is this.  
  11. nitrotron

    MS1i vs. ATH-M50 vs ATH-ES7

    You might want to also consider that the Es7 is on ear and the m50 is over ear. Some people fail to notice that about the ES-7's. Me, personally i listen to trance and i prefer closed headphones usually, but on ears work as well.    As far as IEM's go, the ideal ones are the CK10's from...
  12. nitrotron

    ATH-ES7 vs. Ultrasone HFI-450 (help needed)

    ATH-M50. Serves all your purposes. Pro Audio Mart on ebay sells for around 100 and they are legit sellers. 
  13. nitrotron

    New user: headphone recommendation

    Quote: Originally Posted by NapalmK Welcome to Head-Fi. The HD25-1 II is a great can. They are on ear though which gave me some problems with comfort but if you don't have this problem they are great. I don't have a lot of time with them but FWIR they are almost indestructible...
  14. nitrotron

    headphones under 220$

    Easy solution for you. Grab a pair for esw9's since they are next best after the shiny es7's. They should be around your price range.
  15. nitrotron

    Headphones to go with Cowon D2+

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheWuss there seems to be a rash of portable / closed can inquiries this past week or so. seems i've read them all, as i've been looking myself. get ready for these recommendations: 1. ultrasone. pro 750, etc. 2. audio technica m50 3. fischer fa-004 4...
  16. nitrotron

    Need some new headphones for airplane use, reccomendations?

    Quote: Originally Posted by desktophifi Iems are a good choice, you must try them and see which model suits you...maybe it can make you change your mind. Read this, i always find it useful: Best Headphones For Travel - 2010 Gear Guide | HeadRoom Audio The OP said that he...
  17. nitrotron

    Esw9 with ibasso T3 any good ?

    Well the T3's are made for IEM's or any headphones that can be easily driven. The esw9's being quite up there in the price range, i am not sure how hard they are to drive. And since you specified any particular budget, I am gonna recommend you the Arrow 12HE for most of your needs.
  18. nitrotron

    Anyone know of a high end earphone place by Newport Beach, Ca?

    You would have to head up to Culver City, west of LA, for DXC audio i believe. That's the only place I've found to have high end headphones for try outs.
  19. nitrotron

    Yuin G2 or Klipsch S4 (I know its iem)

    Yuin's will leak great deal of sound while s4's are IEMs that block out most of it. They are two totally different headphones, but being owner of a s4, i think you should go with the S4's because they have really really soft ear gels
  20. nitrotron

    About to pull the trigger on some srh840....stop me?

    would anyone like to point me in the direction $130 840's from J&R cause all i see is $200.
  21. nitrotron

    starving student hybrid with k701

    You post a very vague question. You can throw in any headphone with an amp and that won't mean it will match it. If you would be more specific and tell us your musical interests, we would be able to give you more appropriate response.
  22. nitrotron

    Sennheiser HD238 vs Shure SRH240

    Quote: Originally Posted by leefx If you had to pick one, which would it be? The HD-238's are $41.99 on sale and the SRH240's are $49.99.... Where do you find them for 42bucks?
  23. nitrotron

    klipsch s2m vs s4i

    Personally, I think the s4's are pretty bomb. It was a bit weird to get used to it the first day, but after that i loose track of them in my head and it feels like i am hearing music out of the blue. I only have the regular ones and not the one with the mic, but I do not think that it would make...
  24. nitrotron

    Decent headphones for work, <$100

    If it is comfort you want plus good value then go with the guy above me.
  25. nitrotron

    $200 for SIMPLE/COMFY headphones!

    I'm rather surprised that the ATH-M50 or the hd-25 II has not been suggested.