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    ATH-M50 vs. Shure SRH750 DJ's?

    I had no major comfort issue with the SRH750DJ 7/10, but then I found how to adjust and loosen its clamping force - repeatedly bend the headband back, flexing it only at the top/center of the headband. I found its sound to be very impactful throughout a wide frequency range from a sound card +...
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    Koss PRO DJ100 and UR-55 impressions (vs M50)

    Right - 4 months ago. I see now "Anaxilus" has a different Koss DJ100 that he likes. There may be a quality control problem with these headphones, with the sound of one varying greatly from one to another.   But my findings with the Koss DJ100 that I bought stand. From my Prodigy HD2 sound...
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    Koss PRO DJ100 and UR-55 impressions (vs M50)

    I've owned the Koss DJ100 and own the DBI Pro700 (for sale). Ran both straight out of a sound card and amped from the sound card's RCA outs. Burned in / used extensively. Amped sounded better for both.    Pro700: brighter, punchier, fun sound, comfy enough for movie use, virtually...
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    Is the soundstage on M50s good enough for FPS gaming? (Torn between HD555s and M50s)

    The usual suspects have been the HD555 and AD700. I've owned both, but not used for gaming. Not everyone who has used both prefers the same one.     Quote:
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    Is the soundstage on M50s good enough for FPS gaming? (Torn between HD555s and M50s)

    I've owned the HD555, but not the M50 and I don't game. I own the Pioneer SE-A1000, and its sound stage and bass are bigger than the HD555. Wouldn't you want headphones to perform better for positional audio?     Quote:
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    Looking for headphones under 100. Heres my situation.

    I own the RX700 and RX900. For your uses, I suggest going with RX700. The RX900 has a bigger sound stage, darker tone, and is more bass centric.    Quote:
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    I want good "over ear" headphones at little cost. Please help.

    Not likely. The good thing about the E5 is its bass boost feature. Try the XB500 from your source. And then IF you want to try an amp, I suggest going with at least a nice cMoy or equivalent.     Quote:
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    Questions about A/AD900's

    Welcome to Head-Fi.    What equipment will you be plugging your new headphones into?    What types of music do you listen to / uses do you have for the headphones? 
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    Good for listening to electronic dance music, a little production & watching movies.

    @ BluFalcon - love your avatar... lol.    I like a big sound stage for electronica, but for me the sound also has to have impact. The Ultrasone mentioned earlier is worth checking out. It has a very extended range. I never liked it for movies though. 
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    Philips HP1000 - what's a good upgrade?

    Easiest and least expensive solution - get a decent amp or possibly even better a powerful USB DAC / amp. Choose wisely.   If instead you choose other headphones, you'd still need to upgrade your upstream equipment, AND hope you'd prefer the sound of your new headphones to your HP1000 -...
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    Denon ahd2000 and Sennheiser d600 and iBasso p4 Warbler

    Here's a nice review of the D2000 and D1100. Seems to point to the D1100 for portable use.
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    Shure SRH440 Vs. Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Vs. Sony MDR-XB700

    Welcome to Head-Fi.    For your uses, you'll want closed headphones that do not leak sound. That should eliminate the Sony. The M50 is a popular choice. I haven't used it. Your choice: the M50 with the shorter coiled cable, or the M50s with the long straight cable. I own the SRH750DJ. It...
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    First pair of decent headphones, having problems.... need advice

    Welcome to Head-Fi.    Seems like a defect. Can you return or exchange it?    Quote:
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    Closed cans, need help

    I've owned the E5. Used it with a KSC75 or something. It functions like a bass boost button, not really an amp. Just made me want to buy a better amp. I haven't used the HD448 or SRH440.   Between the SRH440, HD448, and SRH750, depends on what type of sound you want to listen to. I wouldn't...
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    Looking for something a little more portable

    I suggest reading and posting in the portable headphones forum.   Quote:
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    ATH M50 vs Shure srh750dj :D for the 10th and last time XD

    Welcome to Head-Fi.    The M50 has been quite popular for a while now, so your poll should easily reflect that.    I own the SRH750DJ, but not the M50. The 750DJ is pretty kick butt. I'm guessing clearer sounding than the M50.   Those who have heard both will prefer one or the other...
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    Need good first pair of large headphones?

    Welcome to Head-Fi.    What is your budget for buying new headphones?    What equipment will you be plugging into?    You'll probably be better off with closed headphones in a dorm or around campus. Are these headphones also for portable use? 
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    Denon D2000 vs. Audio Technica M50 vs. Shure SRH840 unamped and amped

    Really... what equipment did you plug your D2000 into?   Quote:
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    "Portable Headphones" Request

    Welcome to Head-Fi.    You may be better off posting in the portable headphones forum.    Also, search Head-Fi for "DHP" to read about a possible solution. 
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    Recommendations: Amp + Headphone setup for Electronica

    I suggest headphones with an expansive sound stage - possibly open headphones. But I enjoyed electronica the most with the Ultrasone Proline 650 - replaced by the Pro 650. For a DAC / amp, I'd want to try the uDAC2 or HotAudio's DAC WOW.    For some the HD650 might sound a bit too smooth /...
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    Right. And another irrelevancy is this isn't even your thread, the purpose of which is to assist the OP and not those who attempt to hijack their thread - as you've unwittingly done.    Quote:
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    Sub 60 $ Headphones for an audiophile :)

    Welcome to Head-Fi.    What equipment will you be plugging your new headphones into?    And do you prefer closed headphones for portable use, or is that not a concern?
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    Cheap, CHEAP Headphones for Movies and Online Streaming?   Quote:
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    Help choosing entry level cans and amp

    Without considering the turntable, you can do one of these:  1) laptop > amp > headphones, 2) laptop > USB DAC / amp > headphones, 3) laptop > DAC > amp > headphones.   A turntable is usually connected to a receiver. Be sure to buy a receiver with the right connectivity. You might get better...
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    Ideal college headphone

    The HD25-1 II is one that I've suggested in the past. The AIAIAI TMA-1 is its new competition.