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    Shure SE 535 - Custom Ear molds in Canada

    I have a pair of Shure SE 535s which I have really enjoyed for the last 4 years, almost 5.     Today I noticed that the case on one of them has come apart slightly.  It kind of looks like these are glued together and the glue has let go.  I don't think it's actually broken.  Before I start...
  2. Canon

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    I'm still rocking my HD 650s.  I've been rocking them since I think 2007 making them 7 years old.  Still my favourite headphones.  So comfortable, sound is great and the cord is replaceable (I had to do that once).  It's so much more convenient to disconnect the cord and re-connect the new one...
  3. Canon

    Westone 4r vs Shure se535 (Bass only)

    I wish I could give you thoughts based on having heard both but I've had my Shure SE535s for a year and a half and they are awesome.  There is plenty of clean powerful bass to be heard, I'd say these are well suited to the music you are describing.  You won't be disappointed if you went with the...
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    Site for related music

    I don't know if it's exactly what you are looking for but I really enjoy finding new music on   It will recommend different albums based on what you are listening to.   The real magic with this service is that you can type in almost anything you can think of (or things you hear...
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    USB soundcard that works with sleep/hibernate

    I'm using a Firestone Audio Fubar II USB DAC with Windows 7 and I have not had any issues with suspend/resume functionality. Just out of curiosity right now I tried putting the machine into sleep mode while music was playing. Upon resuming, the player was paused, I hit play and it works just...
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    how close sennheiser PX100 to HD595?

    I've never listened to the 595s but for portable headphones the PX100s are nice. They come in a nice carrying case and fold up pretty easily for storage. Overall sound quality is pretty good out of a portable (no messing around with external amps etc. required). I don't have any trouble...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Eminem - My Mom
  8. Canon

    Eminems new album...SQ?

    I was sampling this album to see what the fuss was all about etc. I'm not usually into hip hop type music but I have to be honest, this album seems pretty good. So far from some of the songs that I have sampled, the SQ varies a fair bit. Some songs sound pretty tight and decent but that one...
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    Fubar II DAC Impressions

    I've been running mine for almost 3 years paired with a Corda Headfive amp. I love this combo. This is a solid DAC. PS: yes. it works perfectly under Windows 7 RC x64. I'm very happy with this combo and I still don't feel the urge to upgrade.
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    little dillemma for sound with new pc

    Well you would need an amp to go with it but I have a Fubar II USB and I love this DAC. I have it paired up with a Meier Audio Headfive (limited edition headphone amp, 500 made in celebration of 5 hears of head-fi.). I suppose it depends how much you are willing to spend. On board...
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    Should one always listen to a pair of headphones before upgrading purchasing more equipment I.E Amp/DAC?

    This is a bit of a loaded question. It really depends on what headphones you are talking about. If you are talking about SR-60s, maybe not, if you are talking about HD 650s, most definitely. Depending on the headphones, it is hard to say what is more important, a nice External DAC...
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    What is your best buy to date?

    I have to be honest, by far my best buy to date has been my Meir Audio Corda Head Five headphone amp. Limited production run of 500 (2 years ago?). This was a special item for Headfi members put on by Meir Audio. I absolutely love the look, feel and of course the sound of this AMP. Plenty of...
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    The Sennheiser HD 800: The First Listen, The First Review

    Wow... Just wow... I love my HD650s but I have to admit, I personally really like the styling and appearance of these cans. These are hand made in Germany, so it's going to cost more to manufacture and as others have mentioned, lots of R&D has gone into these. Hopefully they live up to...
  14. Canon

    Shure E2c - Poor Build Quality

    I believe this is a common issue. I always took care to carefully put mine away in the included case. Some would argue that the case causes this problem but I was always very careful to put them nice and loosely in the case to prevent any kinks etc. After just over a year I found that the...
  15. Canon

    Pushed canalphone too far into ear

    I hope there is no pertinent damage. As others have said, I hope you do seek medical attention to ensure everything is ok. I have some Shure E2Cs that I use sometimes (I did find that I enjoy the isolation sometimes but not all the time and as you have discovered, sometimes discomfort can be...
  16. Canon

    Sennheiser HD-650 ear cushions

    I haven't tried removing my HD650 cushions but I did have to remove my HD570 cushions in order to remove a few stray hairs from the drivers (if you ever get weird vibrating noise on your HD650s, have a look for this). Basically the cushions are attached to oval plastic disks that clip into a...
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    My wait is almost over....Death Magnetic

    Wow... I just got this CD the other day and have about 8 play throughs. Overall, music is an improvement over St. Anger (man that was a bad album). The loudness war has been taken to an entirely new level. This has to be one of the most distorted and compressed albums I own. It's like a...
  18. Canon

    Since they are now official: Nano 4G and iPod Touch 2G Sound Quality Thread

    I am really enjoying my 32gb 2nd Gen Touch. Sound quality is quite good in my opinion. I'm using Sennheiser PX100s and sometimes Shure E2Cs. I'm running mine "naked" and this is one of the reasons I chose to upgrade from my 5th Gen iPod video. It feels good in my hand, slides in and out of...
  19. Canon

    IPOD Touch 2.0 headphone jack compatibility

    Thanks very much for these responses. I've been pretty bsuy so I haven't had as much of a chance to play with my new Ipod as I would have liked but so far it's nice. SQ wise, I'd say it sounds a little more detailed than my Ipod 5g 60gb, just an initial observation. As mentioned, the...
  20. Canon

    IPOD Touch 2.0 headphone jack compatibility

    Ok, thanks for the pictures. I'm going to pull the trigger. Screw it, there are adapter cables available, so if I find my plugs don't fit (pretty sure the PX100 plug won't be a problem, E2Cs may be another story. I'll check in once I get it. I've got to order it direct from Apple since no...
  21. Canon

    IPOD Touch 2.0 headphone jack compatibility

    I've been looking around for an answer on this, so far I have been unable to turn anything up. I was looking through these pictures: iFixit — iPod Touch but I still can't get a definitive answer. Is this a recessed jack? I have Shure E2Cs and Sennheiser PX 100s that I'd like to pair...
  22. Canon

    Looking for some comfortable headphones

    Grab some nice comfortable headphones and get the Zalman MC-1 clip on microphone. I have this mic and it is perfect, you just clip it on the cord and forget about it. It works great in my experience and I have had no complaints about sound quality. It is better than my old desktop mic. This item...
  23. Canon

    [INTERNET] Overage Fees?

    Rogers has a 60GB cap and to be honest even with online multiplayer games and downloading various demos and HD video clips on my XBOX 360 and PS3, I haven't even come close to being over. Besides, overage is charged up to a max of ~$20-$25 so it's not the end of the world. No one likes...
  24. Canon

    hd 650s are awesome

    Everyone has their opinion for sure but I have to admit I absolutely have no complaints about the sound of these headphones! I love them. I'm running mine from a Firestone Audio Fubar II USB DAC to a Corda HeadFive with the stock cable. I wouldn't describe the bass as flabby, especially...
  25. Canon

    how to get sound from Xbox 360?

    I like jgonino's suggesiton, personally I think if you find a nice vintage receiver you will be very happy. I have an older 80s model Realistic receiver that I have used for many years. I used to use it as my primary headphone amp before I got my Corda Headfive. It has a rather powerful and...