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  1. tpc41

    Audioengine A5 volume control problem?

    Same issue with my a5, I just lower the computer output slightly so i can avoid the problem zone on the pot. I have owned two sets of a5s, both had this issue.
  2. tpc41

    Replacing a Sennheiser HD 280 Pro cable

    Here is what i did a few years back to mine. Installed a mini xlr into the cup and made a detachable cable with canare star quad. Probably cost be about $35 and a few hours of time.
  3. tpc41

    ugh... the cost of text books

    I am starting my senior year in mechanical engineering and have yet to purchase a single textbook. I have gotten very lucky that i have several co-workers who are a few years older than me who let me borrow the books each semester. It saves me a lot of money, but it still would be nice to...
  4. tpc41

    32 Ohm Audio- The Logo Contest

    Great job guys. Here are my attempts. I left them just as line drawings so ken could choose his own colors.
  5. tpc41

    32 Ohm Audio- The Logo Contest

    Since contest is now closed should we post our submissions to the forum or will you do that? I'm curious to see all the designs
  6. tpc41

    Website problems?

    i am getting the same message... do i need to worry about anything?
  7. tpc41

    Bathroom system

    apple airport > cheap logitech computer speakers i can sit on the can and use the iphone remote app to navigate my music, works like a charm
  8. tpc41

    Anyone else dissappointed by Big Whiskey?

    I gave the vinyl a solid listen for the first time this evening, and the effects of dynamic compression are quite evident. Its not that the album sounds "bad" its just that it could sound a lot better. There is a lot of potential, in the music, but it just lacks impact. The dynamic compression...
  9. tpc41

    Dave Matthews Band - Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King

    Shake Me like a Monkey is by far my favorite song on the album, now i cant wait to hear a live version. After seeing DMB at Fenway Park, all these songs get even better when played live.
  10. tpc41

    Who bought Big Whiskey?

    Quote: Originally Posted by TimJo I saw the vinyl box in the store when I picked up Neil's Archives. How is the quality of the pressings? Are they quiet? Unfortunately my phono preamp is torn apart on a workbench right now so i have been enjoying the CD in the mean time. When the...
  11. tpc41

    Dave Matthews Band - Live from Beacon Theatre in NY (on FUSE Network)

    ^^^ start with "Crash" and "Before These Crowded Streets"
  12. tpc41

    Who bought Big Whiskey?

    Vinyl arrived at my doorstep today!!
  13. tpc41

    Dave Matthews Band - Live from Beacon Theatre in NY (on FUSE Network)

    I was so excited to see this, and last night at 9 i sat down at the TV to watch and soon realized i don't get fuse... I tuned in at Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. and watched a little bit but the quality was just terrible. It almost wasn't worth watching. However I really...
  14. tpc41

    Music in shower?

    I use an apple airport to stream music into my bathroom. i have 3 roommates and we are all able to listen to our own individual itunes. I bought some simple powered stereo speakers to put above the mirror on the vanity. Doesn't sound great, but it gets the job done. I don't think showers are...
  15. tpc41

    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    I think i have figured out how fitz came up with that picture. We know from the first picture he has 2 K1000, so all he has to do is set up the camera on a tripod and take a few pictures with the headphones scattered around the desk. Then with very basic software, the pictures can be cropped and...
  16. tpc41

    Dave Matthews Band - Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King

    First Single Released, available for download "Funny The Way it is" DAVE MATTHEWS BAND | Home Page | Dave Matthews Band
  17. tpc41

    mobile phone?

    money no object, mp3 player, the iphone seems like the obvious choice
  18. tpc41

    Running Headphones

    I have been using the Klipsch Custom-1 headphone for running. The cable is routed over the ears to get rid of microphonics. I tried all sorts of tips and ended up settling on the shure olive ones. I think i just have weird shaped ear canals, but if you are able to get a good fit, these would be...
  19. tpc41

    Headphone t shirt on shirtwoot [another one]

    One day only edit: new one just posted Woot Shirt : One Shirt, No Shoes, No Service (SM)
  20. tpc41

    whats with random polls on the front page?

    I had this problem, but i only remember it happening with that U2 poll, no other occurrences
  21. tpc41

    pencil fi?

    count me in for one rotring