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  1. audioser

    Help: can't remove SE535 tips!

    I've had my SE535s for nearly three years now, and due to my own stupidity I've never cleaned the black olives I have on them. They've now got a substantial earwax buildup on the outside that I really need to clean off (and I'd like to clean the filter inside too).   The problem is I can't...
  2. audioser

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Quote: Fair 'nuff. I just thought it was a bit unusual in such a specced up computer!
  3. audioser

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    And 2 80gb hard drives?
  4. audioser

    New Aluminum Mac Mini as Music Source

    -I'd rip to ALAC. Prettty neat in iTunes. -If you're going to be running iTunes and maybe one/two other apps, no need to upgrade the ram. However, I'd go with 4gb to future proof it. Buy ram from other sources to save a lot of cash - apple have a great markup on it. Crucial are a good place...
  5. audioser

    Post your desktop!

      Used to have more menubar apps and whatnot running until I realised how much CPU it hogs....nice and clean now. The desktop is just a place where I hold stuff I need to work on really...  
  6. audioser

    Looking for a camera case that can latch on to my Messenger Bag sling.

    I'd go for a think tank product like this. They should mount up on your bag, even if it's only with the webbing on the top of the pouch. Think tank bags are the best make you can get, and they're a bit pricey but incredibly well made (they were founded by pro photogs) and have loads of great...
  7. audioser

    Manual Focusing.

    Not a problem! The 17mm pancake would be a great choice, as it's very well priced and the effective focal length of around 35mm is what some of the best street photographers have shot all their work on-it's a great all purpose lens.  I'd also mention to avoid the canon fd primes-they are not...
  8. audioser

    Camera Bag-Fi

    My setup:     Tamrac Expedition 8X. Hauls 2 DX Nikons, 400 2.8, 3 more lenses, flashes, socks, manuals, 2 tripods, kitchen sink  I've worn it at 15kg for 5km, and it's still comfy...lovely harness. And when the big 400 is at home, the Lowepro MiniTrekker gets it done just as comfortably.
  9. audioser

    Canon 50mm f/1.2 L, talk me out of it.

    f1.2 isn't that much faster than f1.4. The difference is not that much, especially on a 50mm. Even with the crop factor. Just sayin'. And if you get a used Canon 50 f1.4 you can buy a whole lotta more gear to make up all the money you would have spent on the heavy (but pretty) f1.2L.
  10. audioser

    Manual Focusing.

    Manual focus at f1.8 is hard, but not impossible. At f2.8 it shouldn't be a problem, and at f2 it should be possible with some practice. Remember that the 50mm will become a 100 f1.8 on your camera, which will be even harder to manually focus..... Also, the focus ring on the Canon f1.8 is...
  11. audioser

    Travel iPod Rig Help?

    Quote: Thanks! Yeah, I love the look of them....I'll definitely look into them, and thanks again for the really fast response.....
  12. audioser

    Travel iPod Rig Help?

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with some headphone recommendations..... I have up to $300 to spend on a pair of on/over ear 'phones with these priorities: Must be able to be driven to a good level by an iPod, no amps necessary, Must be comfortable for 2hrs+ of wearing time, for...