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  1. hlopato

    iAudio x5 30gig at ecost

    The iAudio x5 30gig is on sale at ecost for $299. Seems like a great price.
  2. hlopato

    got my E4s yesterday, here's what I think so far

    I have the HD5 with the e4s and they are awesome. Truly a sweet combination. I also have the Supermacro V3, put this amp in the loop and you have heaven.
  3. hlopato

    Stax owners: How does it feel to go from a dynamic phone to a Stax setup?

    They are incredibly different. The Senns are fuller, richer probably more musical. The Staxs are fantastic in other ways, they have detail that is not to be believed, great bass and midrange, but very different. I have both the 650s and the Stax Lamba Signatures with the tube headphone, and...
  4. hlopato

    IHp-140 amp recommendations

    I have been using a Headroom Total Airhead with the H 140. I have the Shure e5c headphones, and the combination of the components has been great. Hope this helps.
  5. hlopato

    ecost has Shure e5c at sale price

    I know it originally said they were the e5's, but when they checked for me they were the e5c's. I ordered them on Tuesday and they arrived Thursday and they are brand new e5c's.
  6. hlopato

    ecost has Shure e5c at sale price

    ecost currently has the Shure e5c on sale for $339.99. I bought a pair last night.
  7. hlopato

    Panamax, PS Audio, and BrickWall: Owner review???

    I had the Panamax unit and found it to limit soundstage and reduce the bandwith of the sound. Did not like the unit at all. I now have several PS Audio Ultimate Outlets (which are the components inside the Power Director) and have found them to be extremely neutral, letting all of the music...
  8. hlopato

    Panasonic SV-SR100

    I finally got one of these units and it is OK. Build quality is just OK. Chrome finish gets easily dirty and full of fingerprints. It does record to SD cards in a satisfactory manner and the resultant sound is good. Sound quality of the unit playing CDs is only good, certainly not great. Detail...
  9. hlopato

    Panasonic SV-SD85 SD Audio MP3 Player

    I have the SV-SD80 which looks virtually identical to the 85. The sound quality even when you record at the highest quality onto the Secure Digital chip is only mediocre. However, you can't beat it for portability, it is really great to carry around. Features are minimal on the 80 at...
  10. hlopato

    Looking to audition Stax in NJ/NY/PA area

    By the way, I also have the SR-001 MK2 portable Stax phones if you would also like to hear these.
  11. hlopato

    Looking to audition Stax in NJ/NY/PA area

    I live on the upper East Side in Manhattan and have the Stax Lambda Signatures and the SRM-T1 amp. If you are interested in hearing them, please send me an email and we'll see what we can arrange.
  12. hlopato

    How does your iMP550 read audio CDs

    I have not had this problem with my 550.
  13. hlopato

    is the IMP-550 a Good Buy??

    I have had the 550 for several weeks now. I have found it to be an excellent player for both sonics and convenience. I walk with it a lot and it seems to be fine for moderate activity. I use the line out with a headphone amp and it sounds great. I certainly like all of the features and the...
  14. hlopato

    Got my Slimx 550

    I got my 550 (black one) yesterday. It is small and light, but does seem sturdy. The remote is great, and there are an incredible amount of features in the player, and I don't have the newest software installed yet. I charged up the unit, which seemed to take less than 3 hours and then...
  15. hlopato

    Coined sized MP3 player developed

    I also like my SV SD80. That is about as small as I want a device to get. It is light, handy, the battery lasts a long time and sounds OK.
  16. hlopato

    What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi?

    Had Portapros that I had used for years. Bought a set of Stax SR-001 MK2s from a Head-fi member and am enjoying them. Quite a step up.
  17. hlopato

    Panasonic SV-SR100

    Has anyone had any experience with the Panasonic SV-SR100. It is a CD player with a Secure Digital (SD) slot in it. It allows you to play a CD and record it on an SD Chip. Just wanted to know what it sounds like and how reliable it might be. Thanks for the help, Herb