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  1. pnrgi

    Strange feedback

    Im running a line-out of my laptop to my onkyo receiver. Now lately i have been getting alot of feedback. Now its not constant feedback, it only happens when im running the line out from the laptop, and it only happens when i walk up to it. When im just sitting at my laptop there is no problem...
  2. pnrgi

    Thoughts On Lance Armstrong's Retirement...

    After watching lance for the last 4 years on OLN, all I can say is wow. I couldnt give one **** about his surving cancer. People do that everyday. Yeah he has it in his balls, lungs, and brain. Yeah thats pretty serious. But seriously, who really cares. The only thing thats important is that he...
  3. pnrgi

    Feedback form laptop...

    So i have my laptop, a dell d600. and its got a monstercable headphone jack to my receiver, an Onkyo TX-SR600, and then i have my headphones, and speakers coming out of there. Now, when ever i have more then one input in the reciever i get feed back exclusively when i have the laptops input...
  4. pnrgi

    Blow speaker?

    Ive had my Polk audio RT25i's forever. Recently (durning december) when I was playing them loud for a party, on of my RT25i's vibrated itself of the stand and fell 4 feet. It broke off the front plate, but still managed to work. However, after much listening, the speakers emit a low static like...
  5. pnrgi

    speakers for $400 ish

    Polk Audio RT6i Simple, something he can show off to the nieghbors, and have then actully know the brand.
  6. pnrgi

    final decision??? helppp

    i have the A900's and use them on my ipod and laptop all the time, work fine, but at totally 100% not portable. Other then that, they are some of the best sounding headphones in the price range, i doubt they can be beat.
  7. pnrgi

    best reciver 5.1+ under 400$ (new or used)

    i just won a bid on an Onkyo TX-SR600. $225 USD woo! I cant wait till i get it in the mail...
  8. pnrgi

    best reciver 5.1+ under 400$ (new or used)

    i need a semi powerful (70 watt+) reciever with good sound quailty. brands would be a good start i have been focusing on: Denon Harmon Karmon any other brands i sould look out for? and specific models? places to look? (other then the obvious ones) And thank you.
  9. pnrgi

    Bose 501 series V ???

    Quote: Originally Posted by Konranjyoutai I dont know how much you want to spend or if you want a 2.1 or 6.1 system..But you can get one of the best sounding top of the line systems for 399.99 american. The Logitech z-680. Dont kno wmuch that is canadian but if you want th ebest i'de go...
  10. pnrgi

    Even drunk people take care of headphones.

    sounds like you got a keeper. i need to find a woman like that.
  11. pnrgi

    Even drunk people take care of headphones.

    ...out. So i woke up this morning to see this invention that i contructed while i blacked out. Im in college, thats why everything looks so ******. So the only thing i can think of is i wanted to listen to music while i went to bed through my a900's (probably "the wall" or somthing like...
  12. pnrgi

    Headphone Loudness?

    personally, when in private i try to keep it under about 90dB. And to give you an idea, 90 is like hearing a motorcycle drive by at about 150 yards away. 70db is siting inside of a moving car on the highway. Just get it somewhere in between there.
  13. pnrgi

    Good portable and Dorm Headphone

    im in college now and i own Koss protapros and ATH-A900's. i also have a killer speaker system (better then any other freshman i know), Polk RT15i's and a prototype polk sub RM1000. The koss's work great for around campus, and durning quite hours the ATH-A900's provide tons of sound...
  14. pnrgi

    Love Performance Cars

    Feel the power of the Dodge Dynasty
  15. pnrgi

    have ipod; need headphones

    my brother used a pair of grados on the bus all the time. He didnt seem to have a problem with it. It's just that everyone gets to hear what your listening to, and if you listen to good music, you will make friends
  16. pnrgi

    Famous people from your town.

    from Ellicott City, MD where, my perminate home is; . . . . . Edward Norton who is only the coolest person evaaaaaaaaaaa
  17. pnrgi

    What Do you think about this camera: Fuji Finepix S7000

    Nikon Coolpix 5700 is what i have, and i love it. Check it out, at dpreview, use that site reliously when looking for a new camera, and i would suggest buying from if they ship to aus.
  18. pnrgi

    Pink Floyd.... wow just wow....

    i think a "best of" album is the best way to get in to any band. even pink floyd. But if you like it for the love of god, get some more. My favorite album, of all time infact, was Pink floyd's "The Wall", i think that is the best place to start looking at pink floyd, followed by wish you were...
  19. pnrgi

    Budget budget speakers

    I think that logitech z680's are the best bugget speakers. They arent too accurate, and with out the sub on they sound awful, but boy do they get loud (which is great for college). not to mention they have built in decoder.
  20. pnrgi

    Sub $500 Speaker Recs.

    a Pair of Polk Audio RT25i's, i think they are called the RT6i's this model year. But stereophile rated them the best speakers under 1000$ at one point, but i think some speaker kicked them out. now they are only best under 500$ speaker. i have the one model lower, and they are very nice.
  21. pnrgi

    Speakers and ohms

    yeah, the receiver is only 8 ohms. i was suprized to by that becasue even my 10 year old sony str-d911 has a 4-8 ohm switch.... Anyway, yeah, i know its REALLY bad for my ears. the only thing i can say in my defence is im drunk when im listening to it that loud. But yeah, i am starting...
  22. pnrgi

    Logitech z-680

    imo, the logitech are just for getting things loud, and boomy. They are great college speakers becasue you can compete with all the kids with there stupid walmart awia "systems" that sound like total crap.
  23. pnrgi

    Speakers and ohms

    goodness, thats a mouthfull. Well, yeah these speakers are being run insanly loud, about 105-110 Db by my guestimation. So i should be worried. hmm. Will it get worse over time, i have been playing them loud like that for a few months. will the amp evenutully just die one night?
  24. pnrgi

    Speakers and ohms

    Thank you very much for taking the time to explaining that.
  25. pnrgi

    Speakers and ohms

    So i could blow out my reciever? I dont understand, the reciever's amp puts out more power or something? Can you explain it further or point me in a direction where i could learn about it.