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  1. ljcii

    The ATH-AD900 Thread

    Hello i own both. the tf10 has more bass, but the ad900s have more quality bass-real punchy natural bass. Sound signature aside, i find the ad900s to be on another level above the tf10. More resolution, bigger soundstage, better extension forward vocals.
  2. ljcii

    Review: Unique Melody Aero custom triple driver IEM

    Hi project86, thanks for the reply. I am also replying your post for other people for reference, because what i found was that the Aero was an improvement over the re0 especially in the bass department while keeping a similar sound signature and your reply kind of confirmed it. I shall save for...
  3. ljcii

    re0 v ue700

    No. I don't use them with an amp on the go and i don't enjoy them lesser then i do with an amp. I listen to most modern genres except metal, however, based on my judgement, i still believe that they are on another level and should be compared with the big boys instead of the ue700s. Unless a...
  4. ljcii

    re0 v ue700

    Hi i have totally opposite views to coolant 8. I think the re0s are in another league compared to the ue700s. the re0s sounds so much more refined when compared to the ue700s.   Highs and mids are more refined and natural compared to the ue700s. Soundstage and sound separation is much better...
  5. ljcii

    Review: Unique Melody Aero custom triple driver IEM

    Hi, thanks for the reply. How do they differ in terms of sound signature? I was listening to custom version of the UM Aero and was extremely impressed. They were just what i was looking for.
  6. ljcii

    Review: Unique Melody Aero custom triple driver IEM

    Hello, with regards to "It is not terrible with a basic Sansa Clip or Fuze, but at that point I can think of several cheaper alternatives that will perform nearly as well." may I know what else do you recommend?
  7. ljcii

    Repairing go-vibe petite portable amplifier

    Uh, im totally new to diying, i do have all the tools required for soldering but i do not quite understand some of the terms used here. May i knows whats a solder wick? "Might have to put more solder in, and flux on top, and wick again" also kinda leaves me clueless.    
  8. ljcii

    Repairing go-vibe petite portable amplifier

    Hello,   I believe that this should be posted in this section of the forum. Is there anyone here skilled enough to diagnose and guide me on how i should repair my go-vibe petite? The issue is that the input socket does not have a good connection with the input jack eg. whenever i put the...
  9. ljcii

    [REVIEW] Head-Direct RE0 - a new contender for the best IEM

    Hello,   I recently bought the re0s and i would have to say that these are fantastic.   In comparison to the re1s, i would say that it is an improvement over it in pretty much everything. I paired this with a petite amplifier and i feel that the synergy is pretty much fantastic.  ...
  10. ljcii

    What is YOUR Myers-Briggs personality?

    ISFJ   I kinda expected that head-fiers are mostly introverts. Personally, i think only introverts would analyse things like music of all things.
  11. ljcii

    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9A or Denon D2000?

    ESW9 has my vote because its sound is just so much more romantic compared to the d2000s.
  12. ljcii

    I am a proud father!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Young Spade I hope that when (if) I have kids they love music as much as I do. I would love sitting down talking to my son/daughter about high end audio and getting their opinions on various setups and rigs. Omg. You are indeed a true audiophile.
  13. ljcii

    Hippo VB Canal Phones

    Quote: Originally Posted by dfkt My VB don't crackle (the Epic and Epic Sparkle do, however - but they seem to come from another manufacturer), and they definitely don't feel cheap at all. Haha, they don't feel as solidly built as my friend's um1-probably the reason why i felt...
  14. ljcii

    Hippo VB Canal Phones

    My own opinion is that the the vb's feel cheap in your hands and the driver crackles when you insert it into your ear. Sometimes its hard to play optimally when the difference in air pressure affects the driver in my case.
  15. ljcii

    RE1 + Sony S-Master DAP = stunning!

    I would say that it's quite difficult trying to find the right size for the cotton swab. In my case i wasted about 10 swabs but i still never got the right size. some of it were over muffled while some of them were too small, one small piece dropped into my re1 where i couldnt get it out even:/...
  16. ljcii

    Attention everyone! Stop using IEM filters!

    I'll be waiting on the update. I have a friend who has that player which i can have a go on with my re-1s. I'm already hearing details in the high frequency range with the cotton mod.
  17. ljcii

    Hello Head-Fi! Phiaton offers you free gear!

    To me, the most important feature of an earphone is all-roundedness - sound quality, durability, isolation and at the very least, acceptable design for the price. Models like the Westone come to mind In terms of sound, whats most important to me is the mids. This is because most audio...
  18. ljcii

    Attention everyone! Stop using IEM filters!

    You wouldnt be able to judge with the photo at that size imo. James, i found an optimum size and i still needed a treble boost on the nano to make it sound really balanced, how about you?
  19. ljcii

    Attention everyone! Stop using IEM filters!

    Quote: Originally Posted by james444 x2, with very few exceptions. One of them worth mentioning is the RE1 which sounds rather dark with stock filters. Therefore I did ClieOS' treble mod (= removing filters) that brightens the sound but IME makes the upper midrange a bit echoey. Reading...
  20. ljcii

    Shure Se530 vs. Shure Se420 vs. Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10

    I listened to both and other than ergonomics,i feel that you should get the tf.10 In addition you stand out wearing it and announce to the world that you have a top-tier iem.
  21. ljcii

    When you place your earphone over the ear

    Hey guys, i think i found the answer! i know its damn lame but, it should be because the waves are longitudinal so it doesnt matter if it's upside down or what as long as it goes into the ear for IEMs. You're welcome for the thanks!
  22. ljcii

    Klipsch X10 mishap and ear problems!

    Like what other people told me to do when i reported problems concerning my ear, I'll tell you to find a doctor
  23. ljcii

    Want to check your headphones/speakers' ability to resolve bass detail?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lunatique You can check your hearing with this awesome site: Equal loudness contours and audiometry - Test your own hearing Which Focals do you have? I wonder if any in-ear headphones could pass the test? Head-direct re-1 fails
  24. ljcii

    ESW9A vs ESW9?

    Hi, sorry to resurrect this thread, but apparently, there's a difference in esw9a and esw9 according to graphs by headroom. I guess the difference is pretty subtle though.
  25. ljcii

    Soft highs and good impact are possible for a 150$ IEM?

    Hmm, they sound like the description of head-direct re-1s.