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    Bellari HA540 ?

    It sounds really very nice I think. I'm the guy who did the YouTube review you posted a link to. Lots of power yes and bass drive. It'll make your bass shy headphones deeper. It's got a nice bit of warmth and richness, and will make a thin sounding headphone better. I like mine a lot, and even...
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    Grado GS1000i vs Sennheiser HD800

    Hm, very interesting. Now I really want to hear those GS1000i's.  
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    Really disappointed by the T50p, need burn in ?

    I've only got about 8 hours in on my T50P's and I wouldn't call them veiled at all. Almost the exact opposite. I know they're not broken in yet, but they seem very revealing and only lacking in bass weight. When amped on my Bellari HA540 they come alive. It really is a drastic improvement from...
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    Does this amp match Beyer Dynamic DT880-600

    My Bellari HA540 ($299) drives the Beyer DT-880 600 ohm really good. I know you say you don't like bass too much, but the bass will be nice and full with this combo in my opinion though not overwhelming. I really like the frequency balance. The treble in nice and relaxed, not too harsh and the...
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    CD Player Recommendation

    I would suggest the Marantz CD5004 for $350. It's a really nice player for the money. Most dedicated CD players will run you more than that though but this one does a good job for the money.
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    New AKG line

    Looks like it's a K702 with a name on it. I'd love to know if they changed ANYTHING other than cosmetics. They really didn't need to change anything, but those bumps on the headband!
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    Headphones better than Speakers? A system that GLOWS?

    All interesting replies. This is what I was looking for. So most of you concur with my findings. I think that  Maxvla hit the nail on the head when he said:     "Many headphones can do things that take a great deal of money to do in a speaker, but at the end of the day the pinnacle still...
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    Headphones better than Speakers? A system that GLOWS?

    Somewhere I read that the pinnacle of Hifi audio reproduction exists not in speakers and standard high end audio, but in high end headphone systems. Comming from high end audio and selling it for a living, this sparked my interest. If what I was hearing wasn't the best, than what would better...
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    Sure you can buy the Bugatti.......errrrrr........Ultrasone 10's. Or you could.............

    Lol MuppetFace... I just like your screen name. Try to use MuppetFace seriously in a sentence without laughing. Lol   I think the point of this thread BTW is that the Ultrasone 10's are crazy expensive, and we want someone to justify it for us. I myself can offer no such justification. That...
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    New Marantz SA-8004

    A really neat feature is that the new SA-8004 has a USB input that allows you to use it with your ipod bypassing the DAC's in the ipod and using the ones in the Marantz player instead. It's out and shipping now too. Sound quality will be no doubt fantastic as well.
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    I'm Woo-sey deciding which Woo to get...................

    Get the WA5LE dude just without upgrades. Sell you're soul. Now that you mentioned it, I'm trying to find things I can sell now.
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    Denon 7000 for $650, should I?

    Quote: i say 'go for it', and reward the dealer who provided value to you, by providing a demo of the gear, so you would actually know whether you like them or not. x2. I think we've gotten so obsessed with the greatest deal possible as a society, that we've forgot about the people who help...
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    Woo Audio 6 vs. Burson HA-160?

    Hmm, an intriguing thread as I have the Burson amp and the AKG 702's myself. I actually love the sound from my 702's and my Bellari tube amp though and wouldn't say they sound bad with all tube amps, just need one's with good power.  
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    Sennheiser HD555 and HD595 internal comparison shots

    x2 The sound reflector is the triangle piece of plastic, not the foam. Foam is for damping not reflecting sound.   Manufacturers don't publicize every single feature in thier descriptions, and they also like to infer differences in products so that this very thing doesn't happen; People...
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    AKG 702's ARE NOT FOR ME!

    Lol, funny dynamics in this post. People love 'em or hate 'em it would seem. I've got the 702's paired with a Burson HA160 and after about 150 hours it's pretty magic. I think the amp changed more than the phones did though with burn in.   But in the spirit of this thread, I'll suggest a...
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    The AKG 702 detachable cable

    AKG makes two cables for the 702, a straight one that comes with it, and a coiled one for a shorter in-studio kind of an application. The connector just makes it easier to swap out.   You'll get sound from an ipod, and it's not horrible, but if that's what you are using only, you'll want to...
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    HD600 vs. HD650's Listening impressions? Preferences?

    Hm. Out resloved the 701 huh? I didn't know Sennhieser had it in them. (except for the HD800's of course) I was thinking I'd get a warmer. slightly more laid back sound with the Sennheisers, since that is certainly the case with the HD555's. I also want to make sure they don't clamp too tight...
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    HD600 vs. HD650's Listening impressions? Preferences?

    Hi, I just want to hear from some owners of either of the above Sennheisers on their thoughts or listening impressions. I have the AKG 702's for my super detailed set of phones, but I'm looking for a good upgrade to my HD555's to have that nice laidback Sennheiser flavor for variety, but...
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    Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

      Quote: Well then check these baby's out! Lol       The one on the left is masking tape and the shiny one in front is saran wrap. The back two are 150lbs and 300lbs respectively.     and here's the big one next to a baseball for scale :)          
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    Is the HD800 overpriced?

    Wow, I think I just read about every post here... now I'm gonna go drink until I pass out. Lol  
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    Klipsch Custom 3 Sound

    I hope you are not listening to them when the volume is "All the way up", if so by the time you're 15 you'll hear like a 65 year old man! Got to be real carefull with headphone volume. Plus what if you weaken your phones from tormenting them, and then they break in 31 days? Lol.  
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    Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

    Quote: (Said like Homer Simpson) Mmmmm, more amp on the Totems... Lol   Those amps own the Totems. And Yikes is right, the first 28 watts sound really good on a custom burned in and rebiased set of JC-1's. You wouldn't believe how a pair of Totems can sound. Now if I could just find...
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    Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

    Here you go;       Not at my systems peak, but the nicest photo I have of it I suppose. I didn't have the analogue rig at the time.        After Shunyata V-ray, Parasound JC-1's and the Cambridge 840C player but before the sound panels and vinyl rig. And yes that is the tip...
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    Mmmm..woood. :)   Never heard 'em, but they look scrouptious!
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    Looking for good open cans around $350 for gift

    Carefull, the Audio Technicas are huge. I have a big head and always have to order XL hats and helmets ect. I bought the Audio Technicas and they are going back. If they are anything like the 700's , they make them for sasquach. Lol . I say pick up the AKG 702's for $255 on Amazon and give him...