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  1. Rainman26

    Review: Whiplash Audio new Twag v2 GOLD C/IEM cable!!!

    Many Thanks to Mr. Craig Sanborn for sending me the TWag v2 GOLD for review.   Introduction: When Whiplash introduced the TWag v2, I was curious on how it will affect the overall sound of an IEM/CIEM. After listening extensively to the TWag v2, I was amazed by the transparency and extended...
  2. Rainman26

    Is there a hiss on Pico Amp?

    Hello there!   I would like to ask if if there is an audible hiss if I will plug my Unique Melody Mages or any IEM (JH, Westone or UE) to the original pico amp? Likewise, is there a channel imbalance at low volumes for IEMS when paired with the amp?     Thanks!     Looking...
  3. Rainman26

    Westone Um3x RC and Whiplash Elite TWAG Eclipse v2

    Hello guys!, Since I want special cables for my Um3x RC, can I use Whiplash TWAG v2 Eclipse (Over-mold version) for my um3x RC? Just to be sure. Thanks!   This is the link for the cable...
  4. Rainman26

    does shure se315 and fiio e11 a match?

    I am considering to buy a fiio e11 for my shure se315. I'll pair my fiio with my ipod 5.5g.   will fiio e11 match with shure se315?   I need your advice guys. Thanks!
  5. Rainman26

    What is the real impedance of Shure SE425?

    Hey Guys!,   I'm a bit confused on the impedance of Shure SE425, on the Shure's official website it has 22ohms, while on headroom they said it has 37ohm, so what the real specs for this?   Here are the links:  ...
  6. Rainman26

    Confusion on Impedance

    just a question, is the impedance of 22 ohm high or low?. do i need an amp for this?.     Thanks guys!   Peace out!.
  7. Rainman26

    Comply "P" series and Shure Olives for Fischer Audio DBA-02

    Is the comply P series compatible for DBA-02? What about the shure olives? Complyfoam do only show t-100 for fischer audio  t-100 is also compatible with shures. Thanks!      
  8. Rainman26

    Are Westone comply tips compatible with Shure SE315,425 and 535?

    Just wanted to ask if the comply tips included in westone are compatible with shure SE315?.Thanks guys!