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  1. AviP

    Looking for dt770 alternative

    Hi all, I currently use a dt 770 pro 250 Ohm with a modi2/magni2 and I'm pretty happy with it. My only complaints are: 1. There is some sibilance sometimes 2. The midrange is missing What closed headphone would you recommend which is fun sounding (V-shaped?) like the dt770 but without those 2...
  2. AviP

    Need recommendation for noise isolating over-ear headphones

    What headphones would you recommend if I need: 1. Good noise isolation 2. I prefer bass heavy 3. Over-ear 4. Under 120$ (I can be flexible if it costs more) 5. Will be used at my desk at work so portability isn't really a concern. 6. Sound quality (duh)   As a side question, how much...