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  1. namaiki

    Looking to trade my Sennheiser HD800 for your closed back flagship or similar

    I very rarely get a chance to use my HD800 because they are open back. (sn 27xxx) Please feel free to PM me and tell me what you have in mind to trade. Depending on the trade we may be able to add cash on either side, if necessary. You can check my profile to see what headphones I own. Really...
  2. namaiki

    Want to buy or trade for an Audio-Technica ATH-W11R (...or similar)

    Please tell me the model and the condition of the headphones you are selling/trading and what you are looking for inclusive of postage (to Sydney, Australia) and PayPal fees, etc.
  3. namaiki

    Looking to buy an AKG K340 (not green driver)

    I'm thinking of acquiring an AKG K340 that is not a "bass light" model with the green dynamic driver housing. Please tell me the overall condition, as well as if the headphones have had any mods done to them.    Going price seems to be around $170, but tell me what you are looking for and we...
  4. namaiki

    [WTB] Apex Glacier DAC/amp

    Hello, I'm looking to buy an Apex Glacier DAC/amp.   PM me if you have one you would like to sell with condition and price offer. Please include shipping in the price to Sydney, Australia.   Cheers, namaiki
  5. namaiki

    Considering trades on a number of my headphones and USB DAC/amps (Sydney, Australia)

    AKG K340 (one "bass light," one "bass heavy") Audinst HUD-MX1 Beyerdynamic DT250-250 ​Beyerdynamic DT250-80 Fischer Audio Eterna rev.1 Fischer Audio Silver Bullet Fostex T50RP (stock) Jays q-Jays RE0 (sealed in box) Ultrasone DJ1 Pro  Ultrasone Pro 900   I can post photos and...
  6. namaiki

    Looking to buy one of the following: stock Denon AH-D2000 | AH-D5000 | AH-D7000 | TH-900

    Note: I'm located in Sydney, Australia. I don't have feedback here on Head-Fi, but I have maintained 100% positive feedback on eBay.   Please shoot me a PM if you are looking to sell yours including postage.
  7. namaiki

    Fostex T50RP, Ultrasone DJ1 Pro. and some IEMs (located in Australia)

    I have: - one stock Ultrasone DJ1 Pro (same thing as Ultrasone Pro 550 with different look) - one stock Fostex T50RP - one Fischer Audio Eterna rev.1 - one Fischer Audio Silver Bullet  - one sealed HiFiMan RE0   No mods have been done to any of the above.   Don't mind selling...