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  1. brugis


    Looking for MiniDSP EARS. Located in Europe.
  2. brugis

    WTB: MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs or OPPO PM3

    WTB: MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs or OPPO PM3. Located in Europe, Price 300-400 EUR Any offers?
  3. brugis

    Mad Dog

    Looking for some Mad Dog 3.2 or Pro. Located in Europ.
  4. brugis

    Asus xonar u7 + Edifier

    HI.   What do you think about this combo:   Asus Xonar u7 ( i got laptop)   Plus   Edifier R2000T   Is it worth?
  5. brugis

    ibasso DX50 and beyerdynamic DT770 250 or 80 ohm version

    Hi.   My name is brugis and i am new in head-fi. I preordered Ibasso DX50 and wonder how Dt770 Pro 250 ohm perform with it, or better 80 ohm version?