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  1. raddle

    measurements are models

    Measurements of audio equipment can never be the ultimate arbiter of the accuracy of reproduction of a system; only listening can be that. Measurements are models.   An example of a model is a map that Google Maps produces. It shows you roads and buildings. If you use the map to get to a...
  2. raddle

    warm? timbre character?

    I heard both the LCD-2 and the HD800 at a meet, and I prefer the LCD-2. I think I like "warm" sound, but I was thinking about something. I know that some people characterize very warm sound as a coloration (something not neutral). However, I noticed that the LCD-2 had what I would call "timbre...
  3. raddle

    Does your system sound amazing at night sometimes?

    I'm asking this question here because I think high-end guys would be more likely to notice. There is more RF contamination of the power lines during the day. I don't have speakers nor all that great headphones, but I've noticed they sound REALLY UNUSUALLY good right now at about 4 am. I don't...
  4. raddle

    ASIO superior?

    I'm just getting into computer audio using FooBar, and I'm wondering if using the ASIO interface gives superior sound. Any experience with that? Dennis
  5. raddle

    good headphones for Little Dot Mk IV SE

    Right now I'm using an HD650 with my Little Dot Mk IV SE amplifier. I'm wondering if I could get some opinions on good 'phones for upgrading. I'm mainly a classical music listener. I like a warm midrange. I'd like to keep it around $1000 or less. I know that the Hifiman HE500 is one possibility...
  6. raddle

    Black Dragon V2 cable for Sennheiser HD650

    Just wanted to share my enthusiasm at discovering the Black Dragon Version 2 replacement cable for my Sennheiser HD650. I've always liked the warmth of the HD650 but felt it lacks heft and impact. I was using the Cardas cable with it and I felt that enhanced the midrange some and conveyed more...