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  1. kazsud

    Sennheiser HD800 S

    For sale is my used Sennheiser HD800 S in good condition including original box and all accessories. Have verifiable feedback.
  2. kazsud

    Schiit Freya w/ New Tung Sols [SOLD]

    Getting rid of my Feya that is about a year old. No scratches or dents, includes original box, new Tung Sol tubes and power cord.
  3. kazsud

    Schiit Wyrd [SOLD]

    For sale is a slightly used Schiit Wyrd. Buyer pays paypal fee. I pay shipping. If you need any info on what it is for see link below.
  4. kazsud

    PS Audio PWD mkii [priceVdrop]

    Getting rid of my PWD mkii. I am the second owner, the first owner upgraded it to mkii. It was recently repaired in November last year by PS Audio. The Dac board went on it. It's under warranty for a year from repair date. Their standard fee for out of warranty repair is $250 which is quit...
  5. kazsud

    A pair of Emotiva Airmotiv 6s

    I bought these a little less then 3 years ago for $749. They sound absolutely great and even better w/ a pre-amp via xlr.  Have the original boxes that are double boxed. Also have upgraded hifi tuning slow blow fuses in them.   The only reason I am getting rid of these is to help fund the...
  6. kazsud

    Woo Audio Wa2 (Black)

    For sale is my used Black Woo Audio Wa2. I am the 3rd owner and here is the posting I purchased it from Woo WA2 (Black) - Sale Pending   Nothing wrong with it at all and it has been well cared for. Saving for Rag or Wa5.....    The amp comes with generic power cord, original package & tubes.  ...
  7. kazsud

    Nuforce Dac-100

    For sale is my used Dac-100. Is has a slightly bent rca but plays fine. The the rca cord is being moved around it will occasionally make static noise but when left to play it is fine. Includes box it came in w/ power cord, stock fuse and hifi tuning fuse.
  8. kazsud

    Stock HD800 Headphone Cable Mint

    I bought a pair of HD800s in November of last year and upgraded the cable (bought from here) two months ago to replace the stock cable. Nothing wrong w/ it I just need the $   $150 + 3% for paypal. I'll cover shipping
  9. kazsud

    WTB Nuforce HAP-100

    Would love to have one of these to try w/ my silver DAC-100 so silver a +
  10. kazsud

    NuForce Releases HAP-100, Single-ended Class-A High-End Headphone Amplifier

    from     NuForce Releases HAP-100, an Aggressively Priced Single-ended Class-A High-End Headphone Amplifier Targeted for the Headphone Audio Enthusiast The NuForce HAP-100's innovative engineering combines features never before...
  11. kazsud

    Best dac or dac/amp for Ultrasone Pro 900s?

    Currently I listen to jazz, hip-hop, funk, lounge, rock etc... by way of alac/flac/mp3s   My work setup where I do most of my listening is with Win7>foobar 2000>usb-Nuforce Icon> Ultrasone Pro 900   My home/portable setup is a mba11">Fidelia>usb-Nuforce Icon> Ultrasone Pro 900   I am...
  12. kazsud

    Hfi-780 vs HFI-2200

    I currently own the HFI-2200 and from reading all the good things about the HFI-780 it makes me want to get a pair. How are they different other then being closed and different color/material? Also will it sound different enough to justify getting them and re-cabling them in the future...
  13. kazsud

    So when will the D10 be back in stock?

    I want to take a step up from my Mobile Icon soon
  14. kazsud

    Who to order the Headphone Hardcase from?

    and threaded short cord? Blue in the face from looking, please help
  15. kazsud

    Ultrasone HFI-2200 anyone?

    Yes this is my first post. Getting ready to make my first audiophile headphone purchase and after reading a bunch of reviews from various sites i have narrowed it down to a few but before i take the plunge i want to read more opinions/reviews on the Ultrasone HFI-2200. Ultrasone HFI-2200...