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  1. Genjisleeps

    Any MP3 player good with the Fiio E12 Mont Blanc?

    I have the Fiio X5 and the Fiio e12 and they are doing great in my life the only problem is the the X5's menu only shows the name of the songs and nothing else so I get confused on which song is which. Is there a MP3 player that is great with the Mont Blanc and has a great menu system?
  2. Genjisleeps

    How long do you think a headphone would last?

    How long do you think you would savor a headphone before it breaks? My JVC HA-SZ2000 just broke. Most likely due to the unintentional time I layed on it a long time a go and the left part with the pad bent after that I started taking care of it. Then today when I opened it to put around my neck...
  3. Genjisleeps

    Underground/Indie Music....

    Tried finding a group or place where people post good Underground music (Jazz hop, R&B, Electric, etc.) couldn't find a place so making one in this website. Post good Underground songs and artists you like here. I'll post some to break the ice.          Also post some good websites too...
  4. Genjisleeps

    Recommend me a Speaker Amp...

    I just found out that theres a different amp between headphones and speakers. I was planning on getting the Schiit Magni 2/Modi 2 but now I found out I need to get one for the the speaker I'm planning on getting. Which ones are good but not too expensive?
  5. Genjisleeps

    How do you explain being an audio head?

    When I tell people I collect headphones 2 things pop up.   1) I show them a picture of my headphones and they say "Wow!" and talk about how much these cost in amazement.   or the thing I have a problem with:   2) They ask "Why are you collecting headphones? and I have to explain why I...
  6. Genjisleeps

    Headphone help!

    I have a Urbanite XL and lost an ear cushion. I've been looking through the sennheiser website with no luck. is there any way I can get new ear cushions?
  7. Genjisleeps

    Do you use all your headphones?

    I'm starting to get a number of headphones to a point were I might not use all of them in life and its just being a collection. Do you guys use all your headphones?
  8. Genjisleeps

    Should I buy just One Beats Headphone?

    I know Beats aren't that liked and starting collecting headphones I never liked them much. But since I never bought them (tried them a few times when I go to walmart) could I even say anything? Should I buy and try beats once just to get an opinion on these so called headphones.....
  9. Genjisleeps

    How much is too many headphones in a collection?

    How many headphones do you think is too many in a collection? I have 4 and I'm starting to get to that point of not using the ones, the great ones that started to get me in to that habit of buying audiophile stuff. Do you give the stuff you collect away or let others use them? Looking at other...
  10. Genjisleeps

    Whats your deal with stock earbuds?

    Do you still use your stock earbuds you got with your audio player you bought? or are they laying somewhere in the house and you don't know where they are....   I'm planning on giving mine away to a relative when I go on a trip to the Philippines. If I wasn't going to the Philippines it would...
  11. Genjisleeps

    People who don't get audio....

    I recently put together my portable setup and the only thing my family is saying is "You should get a speaker..." and  "Headphones aren't made to be that loud....". The first time or anytime you made any kind of setup was there any people who said anything like this and didn't get what...
  12. Genjisleeps

    Soundstage? What is treble? other sounds?

    I just got a bass heavy headphone because I'm experimenting with bass heavy stuff being new to all the headphone life. But I came to realize most of my music isn't bass heavy besides the little EDM and a little hip hop I listen to. I mostly listen to more R&B now a days and some old classic...
  13. Genjisleeps

    Do you dream about headphones now?

    I think I started to dream about headphones and anything audio a while ago. I had a dream I had a huge bumpin' stereo. It made me so fu**in' happy! XD    Do you dream about audio? and when? and what was your dream about?
  14. Genjisleeps

    Sennheiser HD 650 or HD 800?

    I have a desicion to make. If I dont get my house I get my money back and I have enough to get the HD 800's. But if I get the house which is highly unlikely I'll just get the HD 650's. As for an amp i'm probably going to get a Fiio E12 and get a Ipod classic 160gb. and Accessories get the Fiio...
  15. Genjisleeps

    Music Research...Maybe you guys can help?

    I'm doing this research project on music and its going to be 15 pages long so I need help creating a couple topics on music. Its not going to be to hard its a research methods project collecting data, writing ***, then copy and pasting. Here are the topics I thought of so far:   Music:    -...
  16. Genjisleeps

    Buy new clothes or new headphones?

    I just got my money and I just got done helping paying my dads bills. So right now I got $441. I only got 3 sets of clothes. Should I new clothes or new headphones? XD