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  1. immtbiker

    FS: HE-6 Mint

    Hello. I have a mint pair of HE-6 FS with your choice of cable, earpads, and a HiFiMan box adapter, which allows you to run the headphones right out of the speaker taps of an amp. They have ~50 hours on them.   Looking for $800. Thanks for looking.
  2. immtbiker

    FS: 2 Mint iRiver H120 DAPs

    I am selling my 2 iRiver H120's. No scratches or marks.   -1 is Rockbox'd for .flac files -1 is Standard I am the original owner. They are both mint, with pleather case and AC charger.   -Analog and digital optical inputs/outputs -20GB hard drive -Line-in and voice recording -FM tuner...
  3. immtbiker

    FS: Hi-End Cable Sale Lallapalooza (~ 1/2 price)

    Cardas Neutral Reference XLR 1M = $618 msrp  Asking $250  SOLD Cardas Neutral Reference IC 1M = $500.00 msrp  Asking $300.00   Cardas Golden Cross IC .5M = $816.00 msrp  Asking $300     Cardas Golden Cross IC 1.5M = $1460.00 msrp  Asking $700.00 Cardas Golden PC = $575.00 msrp  Asking...
  4. immtbiker

    Portable Headphone Amp Sale

    OK. It's time to let these go. Too many portable amps.     -Headroom (Tyll Hertsen's Dynasty) Desktop Amp and DAC: FS $250.00 SOLD   Wes Philips review: ...
  5. immtbiker

    SOLD: Perfect Combo - HE-6 Headphones and Dared VP-300B quasi mono block amplifier

    I am selling my HE-6 headphones and my Dared VP-300B Quasi monoblock amplifier. This means that while the amplifier is 2 separate independent drives for each channel, they are driven by a single 9-13 watt power supply, but they act as a pre-amp because each monoblock has independent volume...
  6. immtbiker

    He-Audio Jades Electrostatic Headphones

    This is the original pair of Jades Headphones made by Dr. He exclusively for Head-Direct. Made of real wood and leather. Less than a dozen of these were made before Dr. He stopped making them. Fang from Head-direct, commissioned Dr. He to invent a new electrostat to introduce into a...
  7. immtbiker

    FS: Blue Hawaii SE Kerry Edition (BHKE)

    I am solemnly selling my BHKE (Blue Hawaii Kerry Edition), due to money constraints, which was meticulously built to SE standards under Kevin Gilmore's advice and mentoring. This was hand built by a fellow Head-Fier. He is one of our best non-professional amp builders. Username: Kerry.  ...
  8. immtbiker

    Ray Samuels Audio “SR-71B” The Black Bird, fully balanced portable amplifier

    Hello. This SR-71B Black Bird, is a fully balanced input-output  portable amplifier and has less than 50 hours on it and is in perfect condition. You can use the square 4-pin balanced or 1/8" single-ended inputs and outputs (I also have a square balanced 4-pin Moon Audio Black Dragon cable for...
  9. immtbiker

    High End Headphone Extravaganza Sale

    Hello, thanks for looking.    I have the following higher end headphones for sale.   -Sennheiser HD-800 Balanced Headphones with balanced to single ended adapter. They are balanced with an Audio Minor 4-Pin XLR cable and a 4-Pin XLR single ended adapter. $1000.00. Original Box and...
  10. immtbiker

    Brooklyn Meet Impressions July 30, 2011

    Post your impressions of Dev's Meet here:
  11. immtbiker

    Ray Samuels Audio XR-2 Phono Stage

    Hello, I have, for sale, a Ray Samuels Phono Stage that has served me well for a couple of years. I upgraded to his XR-10B and need to sell the XR-2 to gather up some cash. It is in really good shape. It has been babied in a smoke free/pet free household. Anyone that knows me, knows how I...
  12. immtbiker

    Official NYC Spring 2011 Meet March 19th

    OK, all of you spring time NYC meet lovers. We have the same 2 rooms reserved as last year, and like last year, brownies and chocolate covered strawberries will be served mid day. We have the Annex room (outside in the circular drive way) and the D Salon (50 feet away from the Annex room...
  13. immtbiker


    This is Ronald's first feedback. He bought a pair of AKG-K1000's from me which I gladly shipped from the United States to Australia,   He absorbed the exchange difference between the 2 countries and I agreed to pay for shipping. He sent out the money immediately and we corresponded via...
  14. immtbiker

    Let it snow, let it snow (Ella and Ray)

    Nor'easter expected to dump 16" of snow from Washington to Boston between now and Monday,    I hope that everyone got new equipment that  can be enjoyed in the next 3 days to it's fullest over the next couple of days while the snow Gods have their fun, and it will enable us to listen to our...
  15. immtbiker

    2 pair of good speaker cable

    Hello.  I am looking for some high quality speaker cable to go from my Dared monoblocks to my Anthony Gallo sub and then back to my Harbeths instead of using my LFE output on my player. This is from a headphone setup and no pre-amp is involved, so I have to adjust the volume on the sub...
  16. immtbiker

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD800's Mint

    These have never been out of the smokeless, petless house, and have all of the original packing. They have about  200 hours on them (100 hours from burn-in).  I have the T-1's and the HE-6's and the R-10's K-1000's, and these puppies are not getting any airtime.    $1100 shipped in the...
  17. immtbiker

    Just got my Exemplar Modded Oppo BDP-83

    Only listened to one CD, but it sounds stupendous! It was modded by John Tucker of Exemplar who is  famous for modding many things, especially the Denon 2900 and I believe the 3910.   The Oppo BDP-83 is a universal player (now I will finally be able to hear SACD/DVD-A/ and HDCD's in my...
  18. immtbiker

    A Full Review: Ray Samuels Audio - The Protector

    Ray Samuels Audio Protector Balanced Portable Amp from Ray Samuels Audio Website: Question? How do you take a portable, semi-small rectangular box that weighs less than eight ounces, stores and outputs music of various types of file extensions, and then, takes the music and makes it...
  19. immtbiker

    Steve Guttenberg from blogs the NYC Spring Meet

    Here's the link: Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker Steve Guttenberg, writer for CNET, was in attendance and wrote an article (blog) about our meet on Headphone mania hits New York again | The Audiophiliac - CNET News Thanks, Steve
  20. immtbiker

    SOLD: Woo Audio GES

    SOLD This is the silver version and I believe it is the first one that Jack built after the prototype. It has been sitting on the same shelf since I bought it, in a clean, pet free, non-smoking environment. I have $300 in upgraded tubes on it that were measured and matched by...
  21. immtbiker

    Official NYC Spring 2010 Meet Saturday, March 13th

    It's official. We will be having our annual Spring NYC Meet on Saturday, March 13th! It will be where it has been held the last 5 years, the Adria Hotel and Conference Center, in Bayside, Queens. New York Hotels: Adria Hotel & Conference Center Bayside Queens NY area Long Island corporate...
  22. immtbiker

    NYC Local Mini-Meet Electrostatic Shootout on 2 days notice

    What a bunch of slackers. The meet started 2 1/2 hours ago, there are 4 attendees, and no meet impressions, yet? Jee whiskers. In attendance: Kerry's Homemade 2 box Blue Hawaii Rays A-10 Thunderbolt II Jacks Woo's Audio WES (now under the ownership of Larry aka Headphoneaddict, thanks...
  23. immtbiker

    NYC Mini Stat Meet tomorrow on 2 days notice.

    We have Ray's A-10, vs. Jack's WES and Kerry's Blue Hawaii. Which one will win, which one will fail miserably. Which one will I buy? In attendance will be me, Bozebuttons, Kerry, and Ari. Romanee, Wavoman, and davederek are possibilities, but are probable "no's". vcoheda is a maybe (if...
  24. immtbiker


    Steven knew exactly what he wanted. He trusted me enough to send a large amount of money halfway across the world. I did everything that I could to make him happy. I even made a new friend at Sennheiser USA while ordering new O-rings for Steven's HE-60's. He asked a lot of pertinent questions...
  25. immtbiker

    Head-Direct HiFiMan

    A lot of us have been waiting for this unit for a long time. It is the first unt that offers a customer removable amp, so that the customer can cater the DAP to his/her own preference, while encompassing a high quality DAC and transport, all in one while handling Lossless files. I've known Fang...