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  1. Dimitri

    IEM's...Foam Tips versus Rubber Tips

    I clean my foam tips about once a week in warm soapy water. its like cleaning a sponge.
  2. Dimitri

    Shure E4C or Ety ER-6i?

    Regarding "noise floor": Some amps have an audible noise floor with sensitive phones. The ER6i/XP-7 definitely has this problem until the stock op-amp is swapped for another. the AD797 set I got from Toddthevinyljunkie effectively solved this problem for me. There is still abit of noise at...
  3. Dimitri

    Shure E4C or Ety ER-6i?

    The ER6i is a great value at $94.99 at Amazon. They are very light, but not cheap-feeling or looking. Perhaps if they were artificially weighted, like many other small electronic items like ipods, people wouldn't be concerned with the build quality. The Shures do look more like "hardware".
  4. Dimitri

    Open, Closed....or Both?

    I just just got the etymotic ER6i, which I love. At about 87(amazon) bucks they are affordable--the ideal phone for isolation(travel), and great to use as a couterpart to your grados.
  5. Dimitri

    Why are my Ety ER6is noisy with the Ray Samuels XP-7?

    Is it the op-amp(original)? Looks like lots of people here use an Ety/Ray samuels combo without problem. I've swapped various phones in and out and there is definitely a serious hiss with the Er6i/XP-7 combo in particular. Insights? Suggestions? thank you!
  6. Dimitri

    Problem: Mini to 1/4" adapter noisy with ER6i

    Thanks for the reply, aaron. Even when I plug my sennheisers into a mini adpter then back to a 1/4 inch there is no noise. yes, the noise is constant, regardless of volume. I'm thinking that the jack on the ER6is is strange and may require a unique adapter...thoughts?
  7. Dimitri

    Fine Beverages magazines or websites?

    I was spoiled with perfect espresso everyday when I lived in Rome, and can confidently recommend Illy ( as having the finest beans. is an outstanding resource for general info on authentic espresso drink creation. Unfortunately, I have never had a...
  8. Dimitri

    Impressions: ModWright LLC Pioneer Elite DV-59AVi

    Welcome back, Welly Wu. i've been anticipating your review for a while--I'm about to pull the trigger on dv59avi and its great to hear that this already excellent (according to many a pro review) player can be modded with success. nice review/epiphany narrative. Enjoy the music, Dimitri
  9. Dimitri

    DCS Delius/purcell Pics

    where is the photo album, btw? Thanks, Dimitri
  10. Dimitri

    should i go sacd?

    If you aren't into classical or jazz, sa-cd doesn't offer enough title choice, imo. i chose to go down the sa-cd road precisely because I wanted to start a classical and jazz collection, and have been extremely happy with the titles available. Plus, virtually all new titles are hybrids, so the...
  11. Dimitri

    October 1st, 2004

    What happened to this thread? Welly, did you get your source back yet? need some impressions...
  12. Dimitri

    OFFICIAL NEW YORK CITY MEET. Saturday Nov 13th, 12pm - 5pm

    I'm there too! I'l bring: The gear in my sig. cheers, dimitri
  13. Dimitri

    What headfi member seems mysterious to you and why?

    I've been something of a lurker on these great forums for about a year. I guess I would post more if I had experience with a wider variety of gear...anyway... After having read countless posts by frequently contributing members, I can't help but wonder about some of the more...
  14. Dimitri

    Best guitarist of the three?

    Zep is without question my favorite rock band. Page is an awesome rock composer. I would say Page is the best, as he is the most successful in the context of the band as a whole, ie in his abilility to shape the band's sound with his playing. HOWEVER, none of the three are excellent rock...
  15. Dimitri

    Sometimes ya just gotta' crank it to 11

    IMO, Van Halen I is the ultimate "crank it to 11" album. The best song, without question, again Van Halen, is Panama!
  16. Dimitri

    What band would you most like to play with?

    Allman Brothers Soulive Sly and the Family Stone Phish Zeppelin Van Halen
  17. Dimitri

    Philadelphia Meet: March 13, 2004 It's on!

    gradofan, First, and unfortunately, I may not be able to get there after all. I was really looking forward to my first meet! I think my source is wonderful. Its cheap, sacd sounds awesome, cd sounds pretty good. But frankly, I'm probably the least credible person to ask about this, as...
  18. Dimitri

    Live performance subscribers

    I have found that the critical listening I do when listening to my headphone rig has increased my focus at live performances. I have a better ear for instrument tone. It's fun to close your eyes at a show and imagine you are wearing the ultimate pair of headphones--then go home, put the phones...
  19. Dimitri

    Live performance subscribers

    Live performance is untouchable. i just saw the Don Byron Quartet at the Village Vanguard--it was totally refreshing. Live music is typically expensive though--more than the price of a great recording you can keep forever. NYC has an overwhelming number of live acts weekly, I can't keep up!
  20. Dimitri

    I want slide guitar proposals

    Derek Trucks is ridiculous--makes me want to sell my guitar! See him live, he'll rip your face off his band tours frequently and plays small venues.
  21. Dimitri

    Your gear acquisition philosophy?

    I'm relatively new to hi-fi and am happy with my current headphone rig (chosen carefully with information gathered here). I was planning on picking up a new source sometime this year, but then thought why not get a couple speakers (don't own any) and a power amp instead? I already have a...
  22. Dimitri

    How good is the ns500v's "good sacd performance"?

    My Sony ns500v is the only source i've heard through a headphone rig. I got because it was cheap ($127 shipped), and reportedly offered "good sacd performance". "Good sacd and bad redbook" seems to be the general opinion on this player (I agree), and, considering that I listen to almost...
  23. Dimitri

    Are non-musicians worthy critics?

    tmesis, Wonderful response. I especially like your music as another language analogy--I took a semester of attic greek and hated it, btw! Lack of discipline, I guess, and ironic, since I speak "modern" greek. My music dept was small. I took classes with three profs, each with different...