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  1. flentge

    RE0, iBasso D4

    Woooohoooo, just got my iBasso D4 and my RE0 today, can't wait to check them out.     Cheers Josh
  2. flentge

    idtags and clip+

    Hi all, I just bought a Clip+ and was wondering how to change the id tags so that my music does not come up as unknown on my clip. On my computer I try to go into properties than id edit id tags and it tells me I have upgrade dbpoweramp. I just had a trial of that and do not wish to upgraded or...
  3. flentge

    Dell Mini

    Hi all,I'm looking into buying a Dell mini, just one of the cheat ones ($300-$400). It will be used to upload photos on vacation and be a music player in the new garage. Music wise it will be run through the Mavrick Audio usb dac to some speakers I have laying around. Hooked up that way will the...
  4. flentge

    Re0 or Panasonic HJE900

    Hi all, I'm looking at these two iem's for my first iem purchase. I listen to bluesy rock, classic rock. A lot of the music I have is live audience recororded that has not really been e-qed right. Sometimes the lower frequencies in voices will mix with other lower frequencies and sound real...
  5. flentge

    Looking for IEMs in the $50-$100

    Hi all. I am looking for some IEMs to pair with my I-Pod 120g classic, and possibly a Sansa Clip+. The only phones I have now are Grado SR60i. I love them by the way. I listen to mostly bluesy rock ( Gov't Mule, Allman Bros., Joe Bonamassa) Grateful Dead, Phish, Widespread Panic, all that type...