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  1. watchdog507

    New Price, $275 Moon Audio Black Dragon Cable V2 XLR For Hifiman Susvara, HE1000, Edition X, 10 feet

    My HE1000's are sold so I'm parting with My Black Dragon V2's. These are a special custom made cable. At roughly the midpoint there is a mini xlr connection. This allows you to buy any termination you want for the headphone end or vice versa at the amp end. This cable will allow you to...
  2. watchdog507

    SOLD $325 Lavricables Master Silver For Hifiman Susvara, HE1000, Edition X, 4 Pin XLR, 3.5 Meters

    The cable is now sold. Thanks for your interest. I've sold my HE1000 V2's. It's time to let someone else enjoy these cables. Lavricables offers great construction and great materials and that equals wonderful sound at a price that is hard to beat. Neutrik 4 Pin XLR termination and 3.5...
  3. watchdog507

    For Sale: Hifiman HE1000 V2

    These have been sold locally. Thanks All for considering my headphones.I have for sale my lightly used, immaculate HE1000 V2's. These came directly from Hifiman as a replacement for my HE1000 V1's. They come with everything that came from Hifiman. Inner box (still has protective sticker), outer...
  4. watchdog507

    PS Audio Powerplant 5 and Power Base

    I’ve been tweaking my headphone set up for a while. I recently added a PS Audio Powerplant P5 and I installed a PS Audio Power base today. These power a Woo WA5-LE and a Mytek Brooklyn. Although this may seem excessive the PS Audio Power Base was roughly the cost of a moderate cable. Listening...
  5. watchdog507

    WTB: Pair of United Electronics 596 Vacuum Tubes

    Hi, I have a pair of 596's that I love and I want to purchase a backup pair. Must be willing to ship to Canada. Please let me know what you have and their condition? Thanks in advance, Bob
  6. watchdog507

    WTB 596 Rectifier Pair

    Hi All, I currently run a pair of 596 Rectifiers in my WA5 as an alternative to my EML 5U4G's and I'm looking for a back up pair to save for a rainy day. I'm in Canada and I'm OK with shipping. Please let me know what you have? Thanks, The Dog
  7. watchdog507

    WTB: Tung Sol 6SN7 Black Plate

    Hi, I've got a single Tung Sol 6SN7 Black Plate, Short Bottle, Halo Top Getter with the code 322NK3. If anyone has a single with a similar code that they don't need, I will buy or trade another 6SN7 tube. Ideally will test strong (mine is 2300/2500) and be a somewhat match. I have a...
  8. watchdog507

    Wanted a Pair of 6F8G to 6SN7 adapters

    Wanted:   A pair of 6F8G to 6SN7 adapters.  If anyone has a pair that they are not using, I'd like to buy them.   Getting them from China will take up to a month or more.    Thanks in advance!