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  1. wes1099

    Does anyone know where to buy apple lightning connectors for DIY cable purposes?

    I ordered an iPhone 7 a few days ago and I wanted to build a short mini-usb to lightning cable for use with portable DAC's, but I haven't been able to find any lightning connectors for sale. If I can't find any lightning connectors I guess I will just buy a lightning cable, chop off the standard...
  2. wes1099

    Havi B3 Pro 1 Vs. VSonic VSD3S

    I am looking to get a new pair of in-ears and I have narrowed it down to either the Havi B3 Pro 1 or the VSonic VSD3S, but I can't decide which one to get. What do you guys think? My current in-ears are Audio Technica ATH-IM50's. I occasionally use them for gaming when I am not at home, but I...
  3. wes1099

    How does the AKG K553 compare to the K545?

    I was about to buy some K545's but I saw the K553. The 553 is $80 less brand new than the K545 is brand new and I thought it might be nice to save some money. I heard the K553 was more balanced than the K545, is that true? I don't really care that much if it more balanced because I can probably...
  4. wes1099

    ATH-A900x or AKG K545?

    I am looking for a closed back pair of headphones for gaming and music purposes, and I have heard that the the ATH-A900x and AKG K545 are both good options. Which one would you guys vote for? If you have any other suggestions feel free to post them, budget is $175 and I am willing to buy...
  5. wes1099

    Looking for low profile IEM's ~$100

    I am looking for some new IEMs to replace my Brainwavz M4's. By 'low profile' I mean that I am looking for something that does not stick very far out of the ear. Any suggestions? I have heard that the Steelseries Flux Pro's are good, and I have also heard good things about Sure SE215's.
  6. wes1099

    Looking for some good closed back headphones ~$130 (more details inside)

    I am looking for a good pair of closed back headphones around $130 usd. I would use them for music and gaming. I listen to just about any electronic genre. What would you guys suggest? I was thinking about the ATH-A700/A700x but I'm not sure if they are any good. I have tried my brothers'...
  7. wes1099

    What would be the best USB Sound Card/DAC $50 USD and under?

    I have a HP laptop with a super crappy integrated sound chip, and I want to be able to use my Sennheiser HD 558s to their full potential, but I don't want to spend any more than $50 on a USB sound card/DAC, and I do not want anything with a built in amp. I do a lot of gaming, mostly counter...
  8. wes1099

    Which one should I get first?

    So i have an HP laptop with a super crappy integrated sound chip, and i have a pair of sennheiser HD 558s, and I want to get a creative X-fi usb sound card, and a cmoy RA1 diy amp, but i can only afford one of them right now. Which one should i get first? I figured that if i got the amp first i...
  9. wes1099

    AKG K77 Mic Mod (inspired by FraGTaLiTy)

    I got tired of low sound quality on gaming headsets, so i bought a mic and some industrial strength velcro and attached a mic to my AKG K77s.   I got tired of having two cables leading from my headphones to my computer, and my brother had recently smashed his Creative Fatality headset, so...
  10. wes1099

    Sennheiser HD 558 Durability?

    So someone recommended the HD 558s, and i saw that they were all plastic. I was wondering if this has been an issue for anyone, because they seem like great headphones, but i don't want to buy anything too fragile. I will be getting a hard case too if i get these.
  11. wes1099

    Could someone please recommend me an external sound card for use with a laptop?

    I have an HP laptop that i decked out for gaming, but the only thing i can't change is the sound card. I am looking for something around $70, preferably something with a dedicated amp. I don't really care what kind of connector it has as long as it isn't PCI.
  12. wes1099

    ATH-AD700 Or ATH-M50?

    So i have been looking at these two headphones (ATH-AD700 and ATH-M50) for about 2 weeks, and i wanted to know your guys opinion. I do lots of gaming, and lots of listening to music, so i want something that will be good for both. I listen to various electronic generes such as dubstep, and i...
  13. wes1099

    Re-cabling Brainwavz M4 IEMs?

    So I am thinking about getting some Brainwavz M4s and it seems that they don't have a volume control, just the play/pause remote button, so i was wondering if it would be possible to re-cable them or replace the remote that comes with it with one with a volume control, or something like that...
  14. wes1099

    Looking for good in ear headphones no more than $50 USD

    So i have been looking for a good pair of in ear headphones, and recently i saw the AKG Q350's on amazon for only $49.81 with free 2 day shipping. I was wondering if i could get any better than this for the money. I have recently been using in ear headphones that i made from the in ear part of...
  15. wes1099

    Somic MH463 vs Takstar Hi 2050

    Which one do you guys think is better in terms of soundstage, sound quality, and bass? I want something for gaming and listening to various electronic genres such as dubstep so good bass would be nice. For gaming i need something with good soundstage and sound quality, and good bass would make...
  16. wes1099

    AKGs with good soundstage?

    I have a tight budget of $70 and I was wondering if anyone knew of any AKGs with good soundstage, because i really like AKG for their durability and warranties, but i need something with good soundstage and a solid bass would be nice too. I listen to many electronic genres such as dubstep, and i...