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    MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) MB470LL/A (PHOTOS)

    my feedback --   the technical specifications -- asking: $499   (plus shipping and Paypal fees, if applicable) similar MBP sold on eBay: Ram: 4GB HD: 250GB version...
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    Pepsi Refresh Grant Project -- I Am Innocent -- VOTE NOW!

    The Pepsi Refresh Project (Pepsi) is giving away millions of dollars to fund great ideas.  Grants are awarded to any idea that makes it to the top ten by receiving the most votes.     The non-profit organization I am voting for and supporting all this month is the I Am Innocent preventative...
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    Sold: My Book Essential Edition 500 GB External HD (NOS)

    My Mom purchased this hard drive for one of her business computers sometime ago, but for whatever reason never got around to needing it. I've connected it to my MacBook Pro and it is fully functional, plus has the customary stuff pre-installed by the manufacturer. I have not saved or deleted...
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    Sold: Shure SE530 (like new)

    i have a pair of Shure Se530s in pristine, like new, condition -- got them about a year ago and used them approximately 15 to 20 times for, on average, about an hour each time. i am the original owner and the only one who has ever used them. additionally, they have never been used while...
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    Sold: 2 Paul McCartney Tickets 3/30 Hollywood Bowl (sec K1 row 14) - $165

    2 hard tickets to see Paul McCartney at the Hollywood Bowl on 3/30/10 in sec: K1, row: 14, seats are in the mid/high twenties (close to center aisle), side-by side. ($375 for the pair!) these were my personal tickets for the show... selling because i just got offered tickets i couldn't...
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    NDS, bought Shure E4Cs from me. His communications were prompt, polite and concise plus he made payment quickly. Overall, the transaction went through smooth and effortlessly -- highly recommended.
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    YoNni22 paid quickly, excellent and prompt communication and is a nice guy too. It was an effortless and smooth transaction, highly recommended.
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    FS: Tubes -- 6SN7 on eBay -- low start bid & no reserve!

    $.99 starting bid and no reserve -- both 6SN7s on eBay Sylvania 6SN7GTA - Tests New - 6SN7 GTA - No Reserve - eBay (item 260307030941 end time Nov-06-08 18:43:44 PST) Sylvania 6SN7 GT - Tall Bottle Metal Base - 6SN7GT - eBay (item 260307031242 end time Nov-06-08 18:44:49 PST)...
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    FS: Monsoon MM-1000 2.1 Flat Panel Computer Speakers

    i am postponing the sale of these as i am reconsidering keeping them. $210 all inclusive shipped anywhere within the continental US. I'll post actual pics of the item within the next day or two. MM-1000 info on Amazon
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    SOLD: Moth Audio (Eddie Current) EC2A3

    SOLD the tubes in these new photos are NOT included, but the EC2A3 comes with the tubes in the next set of photos. the amp is now officially for sale. asking $XXXX.XX plus applicable fees and actual shipping costs. it goes on audiogon tonight for $XXXX.XX plus fees and...
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    FS: SHURE E3 -on eBay- no reserve, low starting bid-

    on eBay -- no reserve, low starting bid Shure E3 (gray) gone to eBay exceedingly well-cared for, low-hours, in perfect sonic order and cosmetic condition. comes with the original Shure round, zippered earphone carrying case. purchased the E3s from an authorized Shure dealer...
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    Southern California CAN MEET 10.18.08 - It's ON! -

    - 10.18.08 - - 100% Can Meet Certified - NEW INFO -- IMPORTANT DATE TO REMEMBER Only about a week until the LAX Can Meet on Saturday, October 18, 2008. Interested in attending the event and yet to acquire advance admission? Here’s a very important cutoff date to remember, Thursday...
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    WTB: Cambridge - 640P

    i want to buy a cambridge - 640p mm/mc phono stage. please pm me, if you've got one or any leads. thanks in advance.
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    (UE) custom monitors--perfect fit in the beginning, but down the road...

    I saw these UE 10s on eBay two days ago and thought if i could have UE in Irvine, about 35 minutes from my house, take my ear impressions then they could make customs to perfectly fit my ears and this might be a good deal. so i called UE customer service and to my surprise UE said no can do...
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    FS: Bang & Olufsen Beosystem 2500

    my head-fi feedback - buy with the utmost confidence -
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    Sold: "Grover S" - RCA - 1 Meter - SOLD

    Special $0LD (all inclusive within the ConUS) Absolutely like new, perfect working condition and cosmetically pristine. I accept Paypal (no fee), money order, cashier's check, personal check (cleared before shipping), and for local pick-up it's $0LD cash only. Shipping insurance...
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    F-S0ld: VPI Aries Scout turntable/JMW-9 tonearm & VPI Stainless Steel Clamp

    Condition: (on the Audiogon grading scale) Table: 9 (excellent) Tonearm: 8 (very good) Platter: 8 (very good) I am being conservative. Description: Two-speed, belt-driven turntable with AC synchronous motor, acrylic record platter, and ($150 upgrade) VPI - stainless steel & delrin...
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    F-S0ld REGA Saturn ~price drop~

    Like brand new 9/10 on the Audiogon grading scale. Shortly after getting my new source the Saturn has been re-boxed. excellent working condition--never had an issue whatsoever. Original box, paperwork, and all accessories included. price drop below $0ld (all inclusive--only for...
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    FS: VPI custom-made plinth dustcover

    Custom made dustcover that sits atop the plinth and perfectly matches the contours of the VPI Scout. Scout NOT included Use this effective and simple accessory to protect your investment. The dimensions are as follows: Height: 4 3/4"; Width: 18 1/2"; and Depth: 13 3/4...
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    The truth be told It's very upsetting. Why do our ears hastily associate louder with (this false sense of) better sound quality? IMO, that's why it's so important to ensure the levels are exactly the same when one does any serious A/B comparisons. Because on first blush louder even just...
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    The HW-16.5 Record Cleaning Machine looks almost brand new and is in excellent working condition, minimal use overall, and well maintained. It has excellent suction, motor works perfectly and the hose, clamp, knob, and the velvet lips all look very good to excellent- -though, the...
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    IC: Vinyl Rig (some photos added)

    I did all the hard work sourcing everything here together. I am seriously considering selling my vinyl rig. Right now just checking the interest level out there. I would sell it as a package--which would include other vinyl goodies (not listed) or just sell items individually. Everything is in...
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    6moons: Eddie Current Zana Deux

    Looky here... the 6moons Zana Deux review. Now I need to read it.
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    New iPod shuffle user -- has questions...

    Well, I've been waiting to get this new shuffle since October. It's a long story, but in a nutshell I've been waiting for my circuit city rewards coupon that finally arrived today on the third mailing attempt and in-between attempts they made me wait to ensure it was "truly" lost. But, in fact...
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    FS: New DV-20X H (Dynavector) ~listed on eBay-no reserve & $0.01 starting bid~

    Here's the link to the eBay listing: NO Reserve & $0.01 starting bid! Dynavector DV-20XH MC cartridge. This is the HIGH output version. New, never mounted, never removed from box. stock photo--actual photos available upon request. I purchased this new from an authorized...