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  1. rosgr63

    British Rectifiers 5U4G/U52/VU71/CV575 FS

    I have some British rectifiers by Brimar, Mullard, MWT and Gecovalve for sale. In case of interest please let me know to provide photos and details. Photos uploaded, 2 Philips mica base GZ34 were added. Thank you. U52/5UG4 Type 1. Brimar U52/5U4G Brown Base NIB - SOLD 2. Mullard 5U4G/VU71...
  2. rosgr63

    British 6SN7 Tubes FS

    Following are some tubes from my collection for your kind consideration. They are used but test strong without any shortages or leakages. In case of interest I have more photos and info, please contact me. Prices include fees but exclude shipping. 1. Brimar 6SN7 - $60 - SOLD 2. Brimar 6SN7 -...
  3. rosgr63

    6SN7 Tubes FS - SOLD

    Here are some 6SN7 from my collection for sale: 1. FIVRE 6SN7GT-SOLD They have brown bases, muddy grey plates, bottom getters. They are used and test strong. €100 2. SICTE 6SN7GTB-SOLD They have black bases, grey staggered plates, bottom getters. They are NOS with the same date codes and all 4...
  4. rosgr63

    ECC33 Tubes

    These tubes come from my private collection. In case of interest please let me know. Thank you Price for NOS/NIB pair £300 Price for NOS/NIB tube £150 Price for used tubes from £80-£120
  5. rosgr63

    AKG K1000

    They are part of my collection since 2009 and have seen very little use about 100hrs. They are original, no modifications or repairs and the condition is good for their age. They come in the original boxes, with the pig tail and manual. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Thanks for...
  6. rosgr63

    Teac UD-H01 USB DAC

      The UD-H01 is a new USB DAC by Teac.   Has anybody used it yet?   Features - USB Audio Class2 High-speed Input from PC/Mac (Tenor 8802) - 32-bit/192kHz Dual D/A Converters (BurrBrown 1795 x 2) - Up-conversion to 32bit/192kHz - Supports Asynchronous Transfer Mode - Toroidal-core...
  7. rosgr63

    Raffinato AT-H5000 Manual

    I am looking for an English version of the Audio Technica AT-HA5000 manual. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. rosgr63

    DPS Digital Power Station Plugin

    I started using DPS Digital Power Station Plugin which is an iTunes Plugin for Mac and was wondering if there are other users and what they think of it.
  9. rosgr63

    Balancing Act Tube Rolling

    What tubes are you using with your BA?
  10. rosgr63

    Bendix 6080 plates

    I noticed that some Bendix 6080WB's have plates with SS looking braces and others have an oval hole in the plates with golden looking braces. Why did Bendix use different plates? Does the different construction affect the SQ? 
  11. rosgr63

    6SN7 Tube Addicts

    I wonder if there are Head-Fiers who consider the 6SN7 as a great tube, if they collect them and which version and make is the best.     Please note I created this thread out of respect to adhoc's threads which are my ALL time favourites, I have learned so much reading them. I thought...
  12. rosgr63

    DHT Addicts

    What make are your 300B tubes? Any experience with EAT or KR Audio tubes?   Extended the title to include all the DHT's like 10Y, 2A3, 45, 300B, 50, VT-52, 6A3 to name a few. Any comments, photos, hands on experience is welcome.
  13. rosgr63


    alota sold me 2 matched pairs 8080WB tubes. Communication was excellent, goods arrived quickly, well pack and are in very good condition. Highly recommended! Thanks
  14. rosgr63


    I bought Stephen's SinglePower PPX Extreme. Great person to deal with, he phoned me overseas and told me all I needed to know about the amp and more. He sent it straight away and kept checking with me if I got it. The amp arrived well packed in excellent condition with lots of spare tubes. I...
  15. rosgr63


    I bought sangel's brand new DAC. Great seller, excellent communication, beautiful DAC. Highly recommended. Thanks a lot
  16. rosgr63

    North Star Design CD-T 192 MKII

    Does anybody know the fuse rating of the North Star Design CD-Transport 192 MKII? The manual for the NSD DAC 192 MKII states the fuse is slow blow type 315mA at 220v or 630mA at 120V, but the CD-Transport manual doesn't mention any fuse ratings. Thanks
  17. rosgr63

    Stereovox XV Ultra

    Season's Greetings. Has anybody tried, listened to the new Stereovox XV Ultra Coaxial cable? Any impressions, reviews?
  18. rosgr63

    I2S Cable

    Hello, Does anybody know how to build an I2S cable for connecting a North Star Design CD-Transport to a 192 DAC? Thanks
  19. rosgr63

    Season's Greetings

    Season's Greetings to all Head-Fiers where ever they are, whatever they listen to!
  20. rosgr63

    Sjofn Supra Cables

    Do you know about the Sweedish Sjofn Supra Cables? Have you used them? What are they like?
  21. rosgr63


    I bought James's HD650 SSA Balanced Cable. It arrived quickly, well packed in good condition as described. Very smooth transaction, Thanks James.
  22. rosgr63

    Which Cans Perform Best Balanced?

    Out of the many headphones which ones benefit when converted to balanced use, and which are technically difficult to convert?
  23. rosgr63

    RudiStor RPX-300

    Has anybody listened to the RudiStor RPX-300? Is there a way to synchronize the independent volume controls?
  24. rosgr63

    Headphone XLR Retermination in EU

    Hello, Is there somebody (EU based) who can reterminate my Grados & Audio Technica to XLR 3 pin (L+R)? Thanks
  25. rosgr63

    XLR Balanced DAC for $1300

    Any recommendations for a XLR Balanced USB DAC around $1300? I have in mind the Headroom Ultra Desktop, AQVOX USB 2 D/A MKII and the Benchmark DAC1 USB but haven't used any of them. Thanks