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  1. Ony38

    DUNU Quick-Switch Modular Plug Cables - Discussion Thread

    @DUNU-Topsound Any comparison between Hulk and Blanche?
  2. Ony38

    [WTB] Oriolus BA300S (EU)

    Hello, I'm looking for an Oriolus BA300S and a seller willing to ship in EU. PM me with any offers. Thanks!
  3. Ony38

    Ambient Acoustics Laboratory — CIEM makers from Ukraine

    Such a shame that Ambient Acoustics is not so discussed here on Head-fi, they definitly deserve more visibility! I own AM7-LAM for more than a year and half adn still use them and love them, switch signature were well tuned and not a light change between each. If you are looking for somehting...
  4. Ony38

    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

    I'm use to buying my tube at Brent jessee recording. Send an email, you will have quickly an answer.
  5. Ony38

    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

    Size and number never linked to the price for tubes :D Change your driver tube by a matched pair of WE417A (adaptor needed), will cost you around 350-400$ from a serious tube website. A nos quad of bottle shape 45 will be around 250$
  6. Ony38

    Metrum Hex

    Hello,   I have a chance to get a second hand AMR DP-777, so I want to find a new home for my Metrum Hex (230V).   Shipping and Paypa fee isn't included in the price!
  7. Ony38

    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

    From Brent Jessee :)
  8. Ony38

    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

    Which kind of tube and dac are you using ?
  9. Ony38

    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

    6c45pi works great with warmer sounding cans like ZMF Vibro or LCD2, It's really close to the Lau.(I use Sylvania NOS) I really had a crush for the Luxman p700u (romantic and technical) with my LCD3 Fazor. I think this amp should be complemantary (far more than the Lau). A friend will buy a...
  10. Ony38

    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

    Just order we 417a matched pair. Even with my metrum hex, the upper mids are a bit too precise/resolving for my taste. In terms of dynamic, Lau and 4-45 are really close : Lau is kicking a bit more but not a hudge difference. Mids are more thin on the Lau (less weight and tactile) and they...
  11. Ony38

    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

    Thanks everyone!   Quote:   I choose a Metrum Hex because I had a nice opportunity with a second hand Hex. Still considering ARM-777 as an upgrade but quite difficult to find in second hand and Total Dac is too pricey for me (but I have several friend who own some Total Dac Dual). In...
  12. Ony38

    Luxman P700u Headphone Amplifier Thread

    Thanks Sonyes, I think they use a virtual ground. I emailed Luxman to get more information about it!   Quote:   I compared both amp with my LCD3 Fazor and with a Luxman D-08 like source. Both share a similar phylosophy and sound sig (natural, musical with the right quantity of detail for...
  13. Ony38

    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

    It depend of the amp, I never found the Vega fatiguing with the Taurus. With the Lau, it's an other story!
  14. Ony38

    Metrum NOS Hex Flagship DAC

    Do you know if it's possible to use XLR and RCA output at the same time on the Hex? Thanks!
  15. Ony38

    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

      Thanks! You have to sign inside my 4-45 chassis    I was also thinking about the Yggi (always loved schiit product). My other option was a Metrum Hex but it can not handle using RCA and XLR at the same time even if one of the amp was switched off. (I don't want to unplug every time one the...
  16. Ony38

    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

      Thanks Purrin, I find the Vega fatiguing with my Lau + LCD3 F and TH900 (but not fatiguing with a LCD3). I will try to get one unit for review in France.   Still waiting my 4-45 and no news from EC since 3 weeks, it's quite hard to wait without any information...
  17. Ony38

    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

    I read previously that a R2R dac will be a good synergy with 4-45, I currently own a Vega-Lau combo and I find this combo a bit too resolving and I am afraid to get the same result with the Vega and the 4-45. A Metrum Hex can be a good solution ? Synergy nightmare begins !
  18. Ony38

    AURALiC owners unite!

    Nobody tried Auralic Aries + Vega?
  19. Ony38

    = HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

    Because it's my native langage and I'm too busy right now for writing a nice translation :) (review of Lau, ZX1, DX90 and SE5)
  20. Ony38

    Turbulent X headphones

    Sale pending!
  21. Ony38

    SummitFi EDM Rig - Studio Six vs Liquid Gold vs BHSE / LCD X vs LCD 3 vs SR009

    I own TH900 and LCD3, Liquid gold and in few weeks an EC 4-45.   For EDM music I like both, LCD3 and TH900. If you want something with a hugh kick in sub-bass and airy and spedy high, go listen a TH900. I f you want more texture and organic feeling (distorsion texture), go for LCD3.   The...
  22. Ony38

    Cavalli Liquid Gold

    Liquid Gold and Vega sound's too good with the LCD3.   After a week of thinking, I don't want to sell it anymore.
  23. Ony38

    AURALiC owners unite!

    They will probably gift you a "tutelage"