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  1. intlsubband

    (Sydney AUS) MrSpeakers Aeon closed-back

    Hi all, I purchased my Aeon on the pre-order, and barely used it since - it has maybe 10 hours on it, probably less. I'm just not using these enough to keep them, even though their sound is great, I tend to use more compact headphones on my commute, and open backs at home. Pick-up preferred...
  2. intlsubband

    IC: AK240 Gold + new case [SYDNEY AUSTRALIA]

    Hello,   Just wanted to see whether there is any interest in an excellent-condition AK240 Gold. It comes with a new case, bought just last week.   Item located in Sydney, pickup available from Parramatta / Granville area, or Central / Surry Hills area.   Just drop me a line if you're...
  3. intlsubband

    Fostex / Massdrop THC-X00 mahogany [AUS]

    Up for sale is my THC-X00 mahogany with low serial number from the first batch.   The physical condition of the headphone is good, but there are these few blemishes: 1. Very small chip on one of the earcups 2. A bit of the black paint on the metal ring which holds the cup came off 3. The...
  4. intlsubband

    Video ads are insufferable!

    In the last day, every single head-fi page that I open contains a video ad that starts playing automatically. The ads are often towards the bottom of the page, so it takes time to find them and shut them up.   This is just insufferable. Especially as I have music playing out of my computer so...
  5. intlsubband

    Audio Technica ATH-W5000 Raffinato!

    Up for sale is the beautiful ATH-W5000. I drove it to the best results with the Meier Audio Corda Concerto. Very detailed sound, excellent especially for acoustic music and jazz in my opinion.   But the time has come for me to explore more headphones and I just haven't been listening to this...