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  1. Ony38

    [WTB] Oriolus BA300S (EU)

    Hello, I'm looking for an Oriolus BA300S and a seller willing to ship in EU. PM me with any offers. Thanks!
  2. Ony38

    Metrum Hex

    Hello,   I have a chance to get a second hand AMR DP-777, so I want to find a new home for my Metrum Hex (230V).   Shipping and Paypa fee isn't included in the price!
  3. Ony38

    Auralic Vega or Metrum HEX

    Hello,   I looking for upgrading my Auralic Ark MX+ for a Vega or a Metrum HEX, feel free to send me your propal by PM (I want EU voltage unit and shipping in France).   Thanks!
  4. Ony38

    HD580 (with HD600 grills and Forza AudioWorks cable)

    Hello,   I sell my HD580 (1rst gen of driver) with brand new head band and pads. I added HD600 grills (I give also the old grills) and bought a 20 AWG cable from Forza AudioWorks. (I give the stock cable)   Moreover, I had a rigid travel box from Taskstar !
  5. Ony38

    Auralic Ark MX+

    Hello,   I want to sell my Auralic Ark MX+ because I will upgrade for a Metrum HEX or an Auralic Vega. It's in mint condition and I sell it for 1200€  1050€ shipping include (EU Voltage).   If you have any question, feel free to send a MP!
  6. Ony38

    Schiit Modi

    I'm looking for a Schiit Modi!   Thanks
  7. Ony38

    WTB Auralic Taurus

    I'm looking to buy an Auralic Taurus in excellent working / good cosmetic condition. I'm based in France, feel free to contact me with your offer by PM! Thanks, Ony
  8. Ony38

    AS-1 Digital-Hybrid Custom VS 1964-Q

    Hy guys!   I want to buy some CIEM like portable headphone in every day life and like monitor when I play drums (concert).   I really enjoy my LCD2, the sound on percussion and drums is really natural and true to my ears and my taste. I want a CIEM in this spirit of sound signature with...