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  1. _Wes

    REVIEW: Ostry KC06A - A New Winner

    These are on Massdrop again - I'm concerned with the poor build quality (as reported by owners on the drop) - and lack of removable cable. But sound quality . . . hmmmmmm - for $45 really tempting...
  2. _Wes

    What to see in HK??

    Excellent points, thank you! Yes, we do love food, so hoping to get lots of treats that way. Interesting about the tailors, hadn't thought of that, but a great idea. No worries on shuttles, staying with the daughter. Thank you - exactly what I'm looking for! :)
  3. _Wes

    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

    I like black - not sure how comfortable they will be. . . waiting on reviews. Ordered the ZST from gearbest. . .
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