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  1. vkalia

    Corda Quickstep portable amplifier for sale

    As part of my ongoing "getting rid of stuff I dont use" drive, I am selling my Corda (Meier) Quickstep headphone amp. It is a compact amp which runs off 9V batteries - this reduces the amount of current regulation required and produces a cleaner, blacker sound, in a small/compact case. This is...
  2. vkalia

    Dynamic, warm, rich IEM - $350-500

    Sorry, just saw your post. Honestly, at $100 I dont have a recommendation - Shure SE215s, maybe, although it has been a while since i owned them. But if you can get the Massdrop Noble Xs, they will fit your bill. I am tempted to sell my U3s because the Noble Xs give me a very similar sound...
  3. vkalia

    portable music player recommendations

    Try to see if you can land a Sony Walkman DAP. Solid, clean sound and a sensible, bug-free interface, without any of the annoying foibles of some of the DAPs that are so popular here. As for why people pair with a DAC/amp - with a phone and some players, it can come in handy, as it provides...
  4. vkalia

    Onkyo DP X1A or Fiio X7 mark 2?

    Consider the Sony ZX100. Excellent sound, sensible interface and solid engineering.
  5. vkalia

    Converting Headphone prices to IEM prices.

    Honestly, i wouldnt say any IEM sounds "large indistinguishable" from cans. But if you mean comparable sonic quality and musicality*, then I'd say $500 is probably the spot which gets you a comparable sound signature: Shure SE545s, 64Audio U3s and Westone W40s. IMO, that's the point at...
  6. vkalia

    $500-1000 IEMs - a day of listening and shopping

    I have never heard the 530s to be honest. But from what I gather, it has the Shure house sound but with some variations (similar to the W60/Django difference I mentioned above). I do think the 535s are very good IEMs indeed, and find them to still be very relevant. Headfi has a tendency to...
  7. vkalia

    $500-1000 IEMs - a day of listening and shopping

    I had posted a question earlier asking about warm, musical headphones for people who care about timbral accuracy, and didnt get too many suggestions. So in the event there are others looking for something similar, here is my comparision of a few of IEMs. Some background about my...
  8. vkalia

    Dynamic, warm, rich IEM - $350-500

    Update - so i tried out the following: - Westone W40s and W60s - Unique Melody Martians - 64Audio U6, U4 and U3 - Noble Sage, Dulce Bass & Djangos - Fidue A91 - Fender 7s Short version: - Found the Martians too bright - The Sage, Dulce Bass and W40s all had their unique sound but none of them...
  9. vkalia

    Dynamic, warm, rich IEM - $350-500

    Thanks - i have Campfire on my list to try out as well, because i did want to try out other sound signatures as well. I will add this to my list as well - who knows, for more casual listening, i might find them better. And surprisingly, i do enjoy listening to music on my HD800s, so i dont...
  10. vkalia

    Macbook alternative to iTunes - playback and mobile sync only

    Hi all -   I am looking for a lean alternative to that POS bloatware that is iTunes, which is really started to get on my nerves.   The only requirements I have are: - Ability to play my music through the USD digital out or headphone out on my Macbook - Ability to upload music to my iPhone...
  11. vkalia

    No response from Alo Audio - is that normal?

    I messaged them from their website, and that worked.
  12. vkalia

    No response from Alo Audio - is that normal?

    My Conti V3 stopped working in Apr or so. I sent Alo a TT through their website, no reply. Took a couple of mails, a message on their FB page and 2-3 weeks of waiting before i got details on what to do. I sent them the unit back for repairs and now its been about 3 months and no answer from...
  13. vkalia

    Casual-listening IEMs

    I've been away from Head-Fi for a while, so not up to speed on what the latest Great Stuff is.   Asking here as opposed to the Intro forum as i think i can get advice that is better suited for me (not new to head audio - I have a pair of SE846s which are my main IEMs when i am on planes, etc.  ...
  14. vkalia

    iPod mods

    Hi all -   My iPod Classic's HD has died.  Yet again.   Since it is attached to a CLAS -R and a Alo Conti V3 rig, I really would like to get it fixed, but want a SSD.   I have neither the skills nor the time to try to figure out and do it myself - so i wanted to ask you guys if anyone had a...
  15. vkalia

    Audio Technica AT-W1000X Grandioso

    I am selling my Audio Technica AT-W1000X Grandiosos.      Lovely, rich sound - an absolute gem of a headphone and an absolute beauty to look at as well:  not really anything to say that hasnt been said before.     This one i hate to sell, but I find the NAD HP50 is easier to travel with, and...
  16. vkalia

    AKG Q701 - Austrian made, extra cable

    I am selling a pair of AKG Q701s in white.   They come with the stock cable as well as the extra, "normal length" cable with a mini connector as pictured.   Bought them as a complement to my LCD2s, but didnt like them (prefer the HD800s as the alternative).   So these are up for sale - no...
  17. vkalia

    FS: GoVibe Vulcan amp

    I am selling a GoVibe Vulcan amp.       It runs on 2 9V batteries and puts out a very clean, powerful, customizable sound - you can customize the gain, the output impedance, bass and treble via controls, and also add in some crossfade.   So a very versatile amp.      Having 2 9V batteries...
  18. vkalia

    More than one Portable Music Rig?

    To be honest, if it is sounding obviously muffled, there is a problem.   Regardless of whether you believe in audible differences in frequency response between various pieces of kit, the differences are quite subtle.   Muffled implies a fairly significant difference - or do i misunderstand you?
  19. vkalia

    Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphone Impressions Thread

      Quite different - I should a comparison with the 500s and the 650s earlier in this thread somewhere, which may be of help.
  20. vkalia

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

      The AK100 doesnt have a gain stage (only an output buffer) after the D/A conversion - the volume control is an attenuator only.      So by passing it, you arent really giving up on any "analog magic".     Of course, it is doubtful what you gain either - b/c if you just set the volume to...
  21. vkalia

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

      For me - small but noticeable.   Nothing earth-shattering, however (I own both).
  22. vkalia

    What Happened to Head-Fi? (Rant)

      Plenty of that happening in the Impressions threads as well - and quite frankly, I think people who are praising a product tend to get a little more leeway in the form of personal attacks on those who are critical than the other way around.       Not a big deal, but if we are giving honest...
  23. vkalia

    More than one Portable Music Rig?

    I have several rigs.   My standard travel rig is a AK100/Quickstep, driving either Oppo PM1s or SE846s.   I also have a iPod Classic/CLAS -R/Continental V3 stack driving the PM1s or HD650s - this is for when I have the space to take this rig on a trip.   I also have another iPod feeding a...
  24. vkalia

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    My own Sensaphonics sleeves arrive next week - by Wed or Thu, i reckon, if Fedex has their compost together.   Claudia @ Sensaphonics rocks.
  25. vkalia

    The DX90 by iBasso . . . Sound impressions . . . . . . . New Firmware, 2.5.1 . . .

      I'll suggest perhaps an AK100?  I have one and it is avery clean, well-designd unit.    I'm hesitant to recommend the UI Disaster that is the X5, but that could also be something to consider.