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  1. Fizban

    Zero Audio Doppio vs Sennheiser IE 800

    Do they even sound similar?? Anyone tried?
  2. Fizban

    Anyone tried the Sony XBA-BT75 bluetooth earphones?

    Does it sound JUST LIKE the single-driver XBA earphone in the series?
  3. Fizban

    How does the JVC FXT90 compare to the IE8?

    I hope someone actually respond to this! *keeping fingers crossed*
  4. Fizban

    Beyer's DT235

    Hmmm just wondering, how come there's almost no mention of this classic?  What I wanna know is, how does this old champion compare to nowadays' offerings?  
  5. Fizban

    Aego-M or Klipsch Promedia 2.1

    Hi guys! I'm down to these 2 sets of speakers! Aego-M Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Which should i get? I listen to bass-heavy music, classical, and almost anything under the sun except heavy metal and industrial rock. Will be using my 5G ipod video as main source. Maybe with a dock for...
  6. Fizban

    Audio Technica "Woodies" ATH-EW9

    Got them 2 months back. Hardly used them cos i prefer bass. Looks and feels brand new. ZERO wear nor tear. Great highs and sweet sweet vocals and guitar reproductions. Letting go at USD130. Preferably Singapore but if overseas, i don't mind shipping but you'll have to...
  7. Fizban

    HD 595 Variant: Magic Red

    Sorry to bring up old thread but... Anyone have any idea how to get that pair of cans??
  8. Fizban

    EC7 vs CM7

    Hi! Comparing SOUND QUALITY, are they the same? Does that mean the only difference is that EC7 has a loop behind the ear? And is the loop obstructive to wearing spectacles? Thanks thanks!
  9. Fizban

    e5c, triport comparison???

    I compared my e5c to the triport after i burned in the triport. Erm...i don't geddit. How come music seems more apparent, more in-your-face with the triport? With the e5c, i felt it was more laid-back, more "veiled", like the mids and highs are muffled. It sounded very very different...
  10. Fizban

    Amps? What?

    Amps have always eluded me. I don't understand them. In fact, i know next to nothing about them. All i know is they help to...improve the sound? Where can i get one for my e5c? Heard that e5cs are pretty picky on the amps to be used, as they are too sensitive and one can hear hissing if...
  11. Fizban

    What exactly is wrong with Bose Triports?

    I listened to a pair of Bose Triports a month back, and thought it sounded quite nice. What's wrong with it that got so many people raving about them, aside from the price? Seriously i do not mean this to spark off another spam thread but i really wanna know why you guys feel so strongly...
  12. Fizban

    Is A900 a significant/worthwhile improvement over e5c?

    Hi, my first post here even though i've registered a couple of months back. I've been using Shure's e5c for the past 4 months on my Ipod Mini. After seeing rather affirmative posts on the Audio Technica's A900 cans, i am very much tempted to buy them now. My question is: Are the A900...