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  1. mlantinen

    Wanted: Hifiman HE-5

    Ahoy!  Please get ahold of me if you'd like to sell your HE-5's.  Thank you much! -Marty
  2. mlantinen

    Wanted: Dead Denon D2000 driver and/or a full set of working D2000's

    Hello, Looking for a dead driver for fitting purposes when I make cups.     Thanks.  Marty
  3. mlantinen

    Hifiman HE-500

    Edit: 7/13/2012   I'd really like to sell these today.  $500 shipped to USA.  International still requires $500 plus shipping.   Hello, these are in great condition and come with all original accessories as far as I know.  They're not getting much head time and I think I need alittle more...
  4. mlantinen

    WTB: Audio GD Panther/Fun Combo or Peachtree Nova or Ayon Orion or Consonance M-10S

     Also, if anyone who has one of these items is looking to upgrade to a Leben, then I might be willing to do a trade plus money.    Please no inquiries on just the Leben yet.  I'd like to see what's out there for trade plus/minus money first.        Holler at me.     -Marty
  5. mlantinen

    FS:AKG K271 MKII

    Hello, Have a mint set of K271's with box, etc.  Very good set of mid range dynamics.  I've listened to these on and off for about three weeks.  Recieved them as a trade for some Grado cups and just don't have much use for them.  I think these cans go for around $120ish new.     $90...
  6. mlantinen

    WTB: Fostex T50rp ASAP

    Looking for a set asap.  Please PM me.  Thanks. -Marty
  7. mlantinen

    Smeggy Thunderpants *completely refinished/refurbished*

    Hello, These are a well documented set of Smeggy's legendary TP's.  By the time I received them, they had been heavily "loved" let say, so they were alittle beat up.  I took them apart, refinished the cups/rod blocks, re-dampened, added beyer velour pads, and re-cabled.  They sound amazing...
  8. mlantinen

    RS1 accent rings***should fit anything similar in diameter

    Hey all... Got my first set of accent rings up for sale to help fund my replacement RS1's. Here's the thread involving my saga.     $50 shipped USPS Priority and paypal is gifted.  Conus only.     They are Lace wood and have a shiny poly coat. Attach them with wood glue, super glue...
  9. mlantinen

    Show and tell time kiddies. Pics of Thunderpants, Beyer DT511 and Uber Vintage SR60s**Large files**

    Oye....I've got a few pics for your viewing.  Pics taken with a Nikon D90.  Enjoy.  
  10. mlantinen

    *Update 5/7*Project log - Disassembling the Grado RS1 & Modding and Thunderpants Mod(with pics)

    Edits as of 4/5 are in red. Hey guys, Scored what I believe to be a Vintage A or B (Confirmed to be Vintage B by Mercuttio) RS1 that is in need of a recable and also a few cosmetic mods that I have in mind.  Sadly mine did not come with the original pizza box packaging.  The ebay listing...
  11. mlantinen

    IC: Leben CS300XS

    Alright, never thought I'd sell this.  I'm pretty sure I need to pay the tax man which is quite depressing to say the least.  Don't worry, I'll buy a cheaper, less satisfying amp though. :-)   I've only had this a few months and I love it.....I really, really love it.  It's a legendary amp. ...
  12. mlantinen

    FS: Ironman Yurbuds

    These are my workout earbuds and they sound great considering that their meant for working out and getting sweaty.  The bass is awesome with these.  I've compared them to a buddy's pair of regular old sony earbuds and these were far and away superior in every aspect of audio quality.  I've used...
  13. mlantinen

    FS: *Price Drop on 5/26**Rare Denon AH-D950 and Denon AH-D750 **Mint**

          The 750's actually were my first purchase on Head-fi and these are the only two sets I haven't parted with.   Both sets are seriously near mint.  I bought a new set of ear pads ($35) for the 950's with the pads on the 750's original.  I replaced the black foam covering the...
  14. mlantinen

    Fostex T50rp v2

    I've got an extra set of these and lately I've been obsessing with Vintage Grados.  They will come with the box and are in essentially new condition.     Price drop.     Price is shipping to CONUS only and including paypal.    I can post pics if requested. (the pic below is not of...
  15. mlantinen

    FS: Markl Modded Denon AH-D2000

    I just laid down some money on a set of HF-1's so I need to sell my favorite set of cans.    I put alot of work into these.  Purchased them early last year and have recently completed a full markl mod except the pads aren't currently stuffed.  I'll include some fiberloft and the rings to...
  16. mlantinen

    Closest thing to Grado Black Star (Pink) Drivers?

    So I'm borrowing a pair of SR-200's with the pink drivers from a co-worker and I've really fallen in love with them.  Paired with my Leben, they keep blowing me away on the high end clarity and super clean bass impact.  Just loving them.    Can I please get some opinions on what models may...
  17. mlantinen

    JMoney V2 Denon Earpads

    Hey, I tried these for a few weeks but decided to go back to the stock pads.  These do what they claim to do, but I want to put the moolah elsewhere.    $50 shipped CONUS only and gifted.  If not gifted then $55 cause I'm a d-bag....just kidding.  It would be $52 even.    Thanks for...
  18. mlantinen

    Withdrawn for now: SR-60's

    Hello, Portapros sold.    Going to withdraw the SR60's for awhile.
  19. mlantinen

    WTS: Denon D2000 cable and Beyer DT280 earpads (use with HFI-780)

    Hello, I've got a couple tings up for sale.   Denon D2000 cable: I recabled my D2000s.  It's alittle frayed in a couple spots as my dog used it as a chewy for a little bit.  Works perfectly though. Please make an offer.   Beyer DT280 pads:  I bought these for my 780's then kept them for...
  20. mlantinen

    WTB: Fostex T50rp

    Please contact me asap if you've got a set of these.  Thank you!
  21. mlantinen

    Can't delete a photo in my posting!! Need help.

    Hi, I uploaded a photo to a Wanted post that I made using the Java uploader.  I found a more accurate photo and uploaded that one.  But now I can't figure out how to delete the other photo.   Anyone know how to do this?  Thanks.
  22. mlantinen

    Wanted: Thunderpants

    I know it's a long shot but I'd be interested in a pair of the almighty Thunderpants with O2 pads if possible and preferably Smeggy originals.  Shoot me a PM.  Happy Holidays!      
  23. mlantinen

    WTB: Fischer Audio FA-003 or FA-002

    Title says it all.  Please give me a shout if you've got a set of these you'd be willing to part with.  Thanks.
  24. mlantinen

    Perfect Starters**Modded JVC HA-RX900 & Modded AT AD500-Rare!**

    Up for bids are two sets that got me started into this crazy world.  My HARX900's and Audio Technica AD500's.     HARX900's Have been modded as seen here. However, I have taken the liberty of adding a pair of excellent condition Audio Technica velour earpads. Oooooh so much more...
  25. mlantinen

    225 sibilance issue with re-cable

    Hey peoples. So I re-cabled my 225's with four strands of Cooner silver plated copper in a flat Litz braid and terminated to a Viablue 1/4". The Cooner is 24 guage I believe. All of a sudden I have excessive amounts of sibilance in the voices and cymbals are super sizzly. Also seems like...