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  1. coli

    TASCAM UH-7000

    Use speakers, all recordings except binaural are meant for speakers, you'll never get correct sound stage using headphones for example. The Tascam is the most accurate DAC I've came across. Most high-end DAC is the opposite of accurate, they try to make things sound better than they are, I had a...
  2. coli

    New to Audio

    I sold a msrp $8000 speaker and replaced them with the JBL305. These things are a miracle of the universe.
  3. coli

    All things Metrum Acoustics

    AES/Dante/wireless IP audio is the way to go...
  4. coli

    Are these people right that crystal clocks sound different?

    Donno, but I can tell you the TASCAM UH-7000 is astonishing.
  5. coli

    People Hear with Their Skin as well as Their Ears

    A new study shows that the skin help us hear by 'feeling' sounds.
  6. coli

    Subjective Tests Indicate High-Resolution Audio Offers No Benefits

    Yup, and every once in a while I came across a CD release that is just complexly ****ed up. These people need to pay the mastering guys to check their work out...
  7. coli

    Confused about all the subjectivity involved in audio

    Of course it's subjective. A lot of high end audiophile hardware are in fact DSP like in that they alter the sound trying to make it sound "better"   Also, the more accurate the sound reproduction, the easier it is to identify bad recording/mix and or room interaction, and guess who the...
  8. coli

    Subjective Tests Indicate High-Resolution Audio Offers No Benefits

    So there will be no resampling between CD and Video releases. Resampling is audible and best avoided. (Unless they record to both formats but I doubt many do it). Plus, you now only have 1 clock instead of 2 clocks, or try to do a compromised common clock...   Every time a video release sounds...
  9. coli

    Study: People who listen to music out loud have more sex

    Out loud as opposed to on headphones.   Speaker master race!
  10. coli

    USB DAC For Under £100

    Google Chromecast Audio
  11. coli

    Teac UD 503 DAC (2015 New Release, DXD, DSD256)

    Another thing you could try is contact Pro Audio LA and have them make you one using Mogami cable. It should be much cheaper and should be accurate as well.
  12. coli

    What do you think of the AKM VERITA AK4490 DAC chip?

  13. coli

    What do you think of the AKM VERITA AK4490 DAC chip?

    ESS DAC sounds clinical/souless, eg: Benchmark DAC2. Burr Brown DAC is the typical hi-fi sound, I like it A LOT. Burr Brown is pretty much the standard.   I haven't heard AK4490, but it seems to be where the future is headed, NOS mode too!!! AKM just released a new one AK4497, power usage is...
  14. coli

    PS Audio Sprout Impressions

    Try the TASCAM UH-7000, it can be had for $300 used and it sounds better than the Directstream DAC at $3000. Sounds the same at high volumes as the Metrum Pavane at $4000, at low volume the Metrum sound better. It destroys the Emotiva DC-1 at $400...   Nowadays I'll never buy another DAC for...
  15. coli

    AKM DAC "Super slow roll off" is NOS

    NOS is back in new DAC designs, and has been for awhile!   Super Slow Roll Off (Digital Filter bypass mode)
  16. coli

    All things Metrum Acoustics

    Wow, even the UD 501 can do NOS This one is going $400-500 used
  17. coli

    All things Metrum Acoustics

    Teac UD 503, someone even measured it with a scope in that thread.
  18. coli

    All things Metrum Acoustics

    Metrum is okay, it does sound very good but poor bang for the buck. Not terribly accurate. I would like someone to compare them against Teac offerings (especially the new one that can do NOS)
  19. coli

    PS Audio Sprout Impressions

    PS Audio does not know what they are doing. I had their Directstream DAC before (also sold at huge losses), that thing is borderline snake oil.
  20. coli

    DAC/amp recco's for under 500

    Tons and tons
  21. coli

    Metrum Pavane

    I can't afford multiples for a 5.1 setup. I'm now using two MSRP $400 DAC that I got on the cheap, after I pickup another one I'll probably make a post about it. All my new equipments are coming from the pro audio side now.
  22. coli

    Teac UD 503 DAC (2015 New Release, DXD, DSD256)

    Teac definitely knows their stuff. I picked up 2 of the other DAC of theirs, looking to pick up another one on the cheap for the center channel.
  23. coli

    audio hardware old vs new

    Lots of audiophile equipment can not handle input power noise properly. This includes megabuck ones too.   Linear power supply is actually very bad for audio, they reduce power factor and dynamics the more of them you have. They also starts to interfere with each other which is why you don't...
  24. coli

    What is the best music player (software)?

    MPC-BE, I used to use Foobar but that thing never sounded correct...