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  2. udauda

    New RHA IEMs: The MA750i and MA600i

    I'd like to share my impressions on MA750 with you guys.     First of all, some pics:       (Disclaimer: I've been listening to modded 3DD and my modded MH1 recently)      RHA MA750's sound has a strong emphasis in the bass and the treble; thus it is V-shaped.   Right out of the...
  3. udauda

    New Unique Melody Triple Dynamic CIEM announced

    Some pics first:         My subjective impression on 3DD:   As far as custom-driven IEMs go, I've listened to Heir Audio 3.Ai/4Ai, UERM, Hidition NT6, Aurisonics ASG2, and Earsonics SM64. And clearly, 3DD is the best CIEM I've ever experienced: Wide frequency extension, low...
  4. udauda

    Sennheiser Lucas (DSP-PRO) pinouts?

    To all of current DSP-PRO owners here: I need your help.       I've recently acquired Sennheiser Lucas (DSP-PRO) for analysis, but it didn't come with its proprietary Mini-DIN to RCA/power cable. (came with a power adapter though) I can simply DIY the cable, but have no clue what its...
  5. udauda

    Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

    Quote: No knocking taken. CSD, step, square wave, binaural synthesis, IMD, what not.. you name it, as long as it is not klippel-analysis or FEM, I can pull it off. Might send you a personalized data if you happen to know me personally haha   It's not that I would care if they won't lend...
  6. udauda

    Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

    Quote: I try to keep the communications that I have with companies open as much as possible, unless the manufacturer specifically requests for confidentiality. I don't like secrecy- Nuff of that big-brother-NSA-watching-my-ass. Everybody here should already know well-known reviewers are...
  7. udauda

    Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

    Quote: Wow, whats up with the hostility my friend.. Chill out. First of all, Inks is my friend, not my sidekick, along with Flysweep, James, Gnarlsagan, vwinter, kimvictor, and many other friends. Second, as much as Inks and I agree on certain things, there are disagreements among us as...
  8. udauda

    Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

    There is nothing wrong with their name, I am simply saying it is something I can offer as a reviewer. I don't honestly think hifiman wants the degree of suspicion amplied any further.
  9. udauda

    Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

    Dear hifiman, I requested a demo sample as Rin Choi long time ago but I havnt heard from you ever since. Maybe I can help clear your name if you think the arising doubt of over-pricing among users unjust. ;)
  10. udauda

    Call for a loan 4 measurement (IOW please let me borrow your headphones)

    NP, my end goal is same as yours: curiosity. The focus is to retrieve as much data as possible from the technology used in designing these headphones, so that they can be looked up for any future reference. For instance, ear speakers have so far proven to be unsuccessful in terms of truly...
  11. udauda

    Call for a loan 4 measurement (IOW please let me borrow your headphones)

    An unfortunate event has occured with my simulator. Consequently, general analysis on Sennheiser HD800 & STAX SR-009 data will be disposed, as they need to be analyzed once again. I sincerely apologize anetode(Gennadiy) for all the trouble.
  12. udauda

    Etymotic ER-4S Custom Tip Poll and Questions

    In terms of SQ, ACS sleeves are horrible. Out of four castings, none of them came close to the resonance properties of stock sleeves. IOW insertion depth was way too shallow. On top of that, bore length on both channels did not match either.
  13. udauda

    Call for a loan 4 measurement (IOW please let me borrow your headphones)

    The very first one who answered my call is anetode, who let me keep his HD800 for analysis for a full month. With his support, I was not only able to measure the ring radiator's directivity characteristics within the housing, but also was able to come up with a nice hypothesis in Sennheiser's...
  14. udauda

    Sony MH1C better than CIEMs or just another ATH-M50?

    Cyan curve is mine shallow inserted, and Black curve is of Sony. It seems there are two variations of MH1, one with the bass boost, and one without. If anyone thinks his/her pair of MH1 is bass-shy, please send it to me, and let me examine it- I might raise my personally-rated value of $5 on MH1! 
  15. udauda

    Sony MH1 R&D Story ...and discussion.

    Quote: And did you know that I am about to bust that snake-oil-oriented app? 
  16. udauda

    Headphone testing: To Pinna or Not to Pinna (that is the question)

    Quote: I think it's little off from the topic, since DRP measurements with pinna simulation backed by us reflect the impedance interaction between the ear and the headphone driver. Anyway, that is the general agreement elicited between those two researchers, Dr.Hammershøi and Dr.Møller, in...
  17. udauda

    Headphone testing: To Pinna or Not to Pinna (that is the question)

    1) PDR is not much of a big deal with supra-aural, circum-aural, and supra-concha headphone, according to [1,2]. It's only a few dB difference with narrow-bandwidth! Your assumption would only be applicable when the ear(overall) acoustic input impedance is interfered. Such case would be with...
  18. udauda

    AES 2012 paper: "Relationship between Perception and Measurement of Headphone Sound Quality"

    Quote:   IMHO, off topic. Regardless, here's a good read for that. A flat eardrum (DRP) response should work only when recordings contain complete HRTF-related information measured at the DRP. Other than that, it is not applicable due to the facts that:   1. Almost all of conventional...
  19. udauda

    AES 2012 paper: "Relationship between Perception and Measurement of Headphone Sound Quality"

    At last, I received the answer from Dr.Fleischmann!   First, on the claim that the flat eardrum(DRP) response being the most preferred target: I see his point on this absolutely valid; can't simply disregard the psychoacoustic aspects of all those missing HRTFs. Now all I wonder is why...
  20. udauda

    AES 2012 paper: "Relationship between Perception and Measurement of Headphone Sound Quality"

    Just read the paper 8740 thoroughly, with the help of a good friend. I can already tell HP1 is LCD2 v2, and HP2 is AKG K701.  Sorry, I've done too many measurements! LOL     HP1: Audeze LCD2 v2 HP2: AKG K701 HP3: Bose QC15 HP4: AKG K550 HP5: Monster Beats LE HP6: Crosfade LP  ...
  21. udauda

    AKG K3003 — Impressions, Reviews & Discussion

    Quote:       I just use REW for easier accessibility. Here is the exact same data, slightly different analysis parameter for higher resolution. Two data correspond quite well with one another.  BTW this is what happens when you over-pressurize a transducer driven with...
  22. udauda

    The effect of break-in: Fostex T50RP   Ouch, I would have done so much better with the left REW measurement, only if I was not drinking $amuel Adams at that time..