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  1. JSBachFan

    Sold - AKG K500 - vintage headphone gem, balanced 2,5mm TRRS plug

    For sale is a AKG K500 headphone that I used with my X7 AM3. Very nice and fully working condition. Modified it myself using K701 replacement cable and Sennheiser TRRS plug. The often lose rubber bands to keep them tight to your head have been replace by a different attachment (see pictures)...
  2. JSBachFan

    Best over ear headphone for FiiO X7 (mk2) - TH900?

    Hello, I am on a mission for several months now to find the best over ear headphone for the FiiO X7/AM3 combo (X7mk2 / AM3A is on the way but I expect no different result) My listening preferences are: I strictly go for the following priorities (highest up): - foot tapping / engaging /...