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  1. Andrew DiMarcangelo

    Anyone in the Philly/NJ area interested in a meetup?

    I'd love to host a meetup in my office (Gibbsboro, NJ) if there's interest. I'm about 25 minutes from Philly in South Jersey (right near Cherry Hill for those familiar with the area). Anyone in the area interested?
  2. Andrew DiMarcangelo

    advice for someone extremely sensitive to sibilance and brightness

    Hey all, I've been getting into hifi over the last few months and just recently into high end headphones. I've already gone through (either by returning or eBay'ing) quite a few cans: HD 650, OPPO PM-3, PM-2, HD 800 S, Focal Elear, and currently am using a Focal Utopia, which I got open box for...