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  1. cat6man

    SOLD--Blue Hawaii SE w/Alps volume control

    In perfect condition (9/10 since not brand new), the BHSE with the optional ALPS volume control is the ne plus ultra of commercial electrostatic amplifiers, a brilliant match for Stax and similar electrostatic headphones. I bought mine after hearing the 009 with BHSE at a head-fi local meet...
  2. cat6man

    Mosconi 8to12Aero DAC

    I'm getting my new car equipped with an upgraded audio system in the next few weeks. A central piece will be the Mosconi 8to12Aerospace which functions as a front end/preamp/DAC/integrator. Does anyone have experience comparing the Mosconi's DAC to our more familiar crop of audiophile quality...
  3. cat6man

    SOLD: Audiotruth/Audioquest Emerald x3 interconnect cable (30 ft, RCA)

    It's closet cleaning time and I have a 30ft pair of Audiotruth/Audioquest Emerald x3 cables for sale. It's been years since I moved to a balanced interconnect between my pre-amp and monoblock amplifiers but never got around to selling these. They are Emerald x3, Air Hyperlitz, Triple Balanced...
  4. cat6man

    Sonore UltraRendu *SOLD*

    It's closet cleaning time. I've just purchases a TotalDAC D1-server and it replaces (and outperforms) my beloved UltraRendu. The UltraRendu, especially with a top notch power supply (I have an LPS-1 available separately) is an amazing source for streaming music. In my case, my DAC prefers...
  5. cat6man

    Singxer SU-1 reclocker - SOLD

    Time to clean out the closet. The Singxer SU-1 is an excellent entry into the world of digital audio reclocking. It is particularly good at taking USB and generating AES/EBU for DACs that prefer that format, but makes audible improvements cleaning up the noise and jitter in most USB sources...
  6. cat6man

    Uptone LPS-1 *SOLD*

    New year, time to clean out the closet. I'm selling an Uptone LPS-1 power supply, an excellent power supply source that goes way beyond the switching wall warts that come with a lot of audio equipment. Orig: $395 Selling for: $300 or best reasonable offer Will split shipping and paypal in...
  7. cat6man


    I have for sale a SoTM mpbs-d2s intelligent battery power supply (list price $450). I am asking $250 or best reasonable offer. It is also available as a package with the sotm dx-usbHD w/superclock digital to digital converter in another for sale posting...
  8. cat6man

    SoTM dx-usbHD with SuperClock upgrade **SOLD**

    I'm selling my SoTM dx-usbHD with the superclock sCLK-2224 upgrade (list price $950). This takes usb input, reclocks it and outputs coax, optical or aes/ebu. This unit is ideal for DACs that would best on inputs other than USB (in my case, my DAC sounds vastly superior with aes/ebu input). I'm...
  9. cat6man

    LH Go2Pro Signature Edition - SOLD

    I'm selling my LH Go2Pro Signature Edition. I've retired from work and no longer travel enough on business trips to justify keeping it. It has only about 40-50 hours total use. I enjoyed it immensely, especially on plane trips, and found it really outstanding in balanced mode (which was so...
  10. cat6man

    FS: LH GeekOut 450 (silver)

    GO450 with latest FW, excellent condition. Color is silver. Comes with USB dongle plus soft pouch & original box (if I can find them....think I can).   Price includes shipping and paypal.
  11. cat6man

    FS: TACT RCS2.0S room correction pre-amp

    I'm streamlining my system(s) and consolidating to just one, so I'm letting some things go.   TACT room correction pre-amps have been in my systems for over a decade and do an amazing job at creating a stable image and soundstage, spectacularly so when the speaker locations are constrained...
  12. cat6man

    WTB: Stax SR-3 or SR-5

    Hi, I'm looking for a working pair of SR-3 or SR-5 Stax to recreate my first ever Stax system. Let me know if you have a pair you'd like to sell. Thanks, Marty
  13. cat6man

    Logitech Touch

    I am streamlining my audio system and am selling one of my 3 Logitech Touch media players. It is in very good condition, has coax and optical digital out so you can hook up the DAC of your choice and an internal DAC if you want to go analog out. In addition, an 'unsupported' app (but...
  14. cat6man

    FS: Audio-gd Digital Interface (w/ Class A external power supply option)

    Audio-gd Digital Interface (w/ class A external power supply option)   USB and coaxial inputs.   Brand new (used only a few hours).   I purchased this to see if it would help reduce jitter on the output of my logitech Touch...
  15. cat6man

    HRT iStreamer 12V

    I'm selling my HRT iStreamer only because I'm getting rid of my iPhone based stuff and moving to Android-centric devices. This DAC was used in my car system and with AUX IN to my Kenwood 9900HD, it significantly beat the sound of both my car's default Kenwood DAC and the iPhone's internal DAC...
  16. cat6man

    Best sounding portable DAC/source combo with line out?

    I'm looking for suggestions to improve/upgrade the following:   IPhone 4S streaming flac via WiFI from Seagate Goflex Satellite NAS (hacked to 1.5TB so it carries my entire music collection in the car).  I use 8player for the music player since it easily handles the flac decoding which apple...
  17. cat6man

    FS: Kenwood DNX8120 (Car Receiver with GPS Navigation)

    I'm selling, in perfect working condition, my Kenwood DNX8120. This is a double din size car head unit with GPS navigation with accessories including the XM satellite radio tuner, hand held remote control, apple ipod/iphone cable, usb cable and bluetooth for hands-free phone integration.  ...
  18. cat6man

    FS: RSA Predator (mint)

    For sale, mint RSA Predator USB DAC/amp.  This is a great sounding travel amplifier and DAC.   Used about 2-4x a year, only when I travel on airplanes, probably 2-6 hours of use each trip, so the total hours of use has been fairly minimal. Really never used the USB DAC, so I'm downsizing...
  19. cat6man

    FS: Audio-gd Digital Interface (w/ Class A external power supply option)

    Audio-gd Digital Interface (w/ class A external power supply option)   USB and coaxial inputs.   Brand new (used only a few hours).   I just purchased this to see if it would help reduce jitter on the output of my logitech...
  20. cat6man

    FS: B&W801 Matrix 2 speakers in Walnut

    B&W 801 Matrix 2 speakers in Walnut   Original owner, excellent condition and used only in a non-smoking household.  The tweeters were replaced by B&W in late 1990s. Equipped with Target stands that raise speaker to optimum height.  They have performed flawlessly with VTL monoblocks (and...
  21. cat6man

    Magnum Dynalab FT101A etude/elite FM tuner

    Magnum Dynalab FT101A etude/elite FM tuner Magnum Dynalab Signal Sleuth FM pre-amp   Great great sounding FM tuner.  The Etude/Elite was the premier version of the FT101 line with premium/selected components.     Original owner and purchased in 1989 from authorized dealer.   Asking $630...
  22. cat6man

    FS: Cosmic Headroom Headphone Amplifier

    My original headphone amp for travel and was a great combination with etymotics.   A bit large by today's portable standards, but would work very nicely as a small desktop headphone amp. Cross-feed switch provides audible spatial imaging cues.   Original price: $699   Asking $175...
  23. cat6man

    FS: Stax SRM-T1S (Still available) & Lambda Pro Classic headphones (SOLD)

    (pix added)   Pro-bias Stax tube amplifier with both balanced and single ended inputs. Excellent condition.   I bought these together (used, not new) and they were used in my system at the NYC head-fi meet on Long Island last weekend.   Selling to help pay for system upgrade to...
  24. cat6man

    sony DVP-FX820 as CD source?

    anyone familiar with the audio line out sound from the Sony DVP-FX820 or Panasonic DVD-LS83 it is a portable DVD player that i'm thinking might replace my old portable CD player in my travel system. while many people have migrated to digital portable memory players, i still find a need...