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  1. CocaCola15

    Final Audio Heaven III FS SOLD

    These are the Massdrop special Heaven version, similar to the Heaven IV. Used maybe 2 hours max. Moved completely to bluetooth so cleaning out my headphone stash. Comes in original box with all original tips. SOLD.
  2. CocaCola15


    Selling a Cowon Plenue D with USB cable and original box. 32GB Onboard storage. In very good condition, normal wear and tear. Silver and black.
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  4. CocaCola15

    Walnut V2 MP3/WAV player

    So I decided to swap out the opamp on the Walnut V2 and successfully did, but I can't get the case on properly and while I was trying to do that, I decided I really wasn't using the DAP, bought it on a whim, and will go back to my Plenue D as my higher-end DAP of choice.   Asking $35 plus USPS...
  5. CocaCola15

    Classic Etymotic ER4PT (with S converter cable)

    I bought this open box pair of classic ER4Ps on ebay. Includes all the accessories including tips, 4 green filters (plus two already in the Etys), P to S cable, shirt clip, soft case, large plastic case, filter changing tool. All black design, so newer model. Also comes with channel matching...
  6. CocaCola15

    Philips Fidelio X2

    Lightly used Philips Fidelio WOOX model (label in photo). I believe it is the non-glue pad version, but I don't want to mess with it. It is the WOOX model. I've decided I am using smaller portable phones more, so the poor X2s are sitting around. They are in like new condition, probably used 20...
  7. CocaCola15

    Carot TITTA

    Selling the Carot TITTA IEM, Italian brand. Very neutral, mid-focused dynamic driver. Lightweight. Nice phones. Barely used. Price includes shipping and PP fee.
  8. CocaCola15

    Monster vs. Beats vs Apple

    Interesting story.   Will be curious to see how it turns out.