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  1. Jon Sonne

    "Active resonance cancellation" for closed headphones. Could it make closed-back headphones sound more like open-back headphones?

    Dear Sounds Science subforum, Recently we have seen that headphone manufacturers have developed closed-back headphones which tries to sound more like open-back headphones. One example is the Sennheiser HD 820, which uses concave gorilla glass and sound absorbers to remove resonances associated...
  2. Jon Sonne

    Does the dryness of headphones cause you irritation?

    There is no denying anechoic chambers are acoustically uncomfortable, and that listening to speakers in a good listening room is preferable to listening to speakers in an anechoic chamber. Since headphones' interaction with the room is negligible, in some ways headphones should mimic listening...
  3. Jon Sonne

    EarSonics SM3 V2

    The legendary Earsonics SM3. Brand new never used. Never got to use them as I got other in-ear monitors. Purchased in October 2015 in England. All original accessories and warranty included.   Will ship from Denmark.
  4. Jon Sonne

    Brainwavz S5

    Got this pair from Brainwavz as a review unit and decided I will give it away to someone who would like to have their first mid-fi in-ear earphones. Comes in original packaging and with all accessories.   To be eligible to get these, you should:   1. Be a resident in a country thats a member...
  5. Jon Sonne

    CloudEQ - Finally SoundCloud sounds great on iPhone! [review]

    SoundCloud has always been one of my top choices for music discovery. However, the SoundCloud app is rather limited when used as a music player. I’ve been using TuneShell as an alternative SoundCloud music playback app, but its limited equalizer options left me wanting more. It was to my great...
  6. Jon Sonne

    ABX of Balanced VS Single Ended Headphone Setup?

    I have been searching the web (and head-fi) for an ABX test of balanced vs. single ended setup, but with no luck. Has this ever been done? (with volume levels matched within ±0.1 dB).
  7. Jon Sonne

    JH audio Spare IEM Cable

    Does anyone have experience with the spare IEM cable from JH audio? I cannot see from the picture how the Y-split section looks like. If anyone could provide me with some better pictures of the cables, that would make me very happy. Also, if you happen to own one of these, please share your...
  8. Jon Sonne

    Sensitive hearing in the morning

    Hi science peeps,   I have noticed that in the morning, I cannot listen to music at loud volumes on my headphones. Actually, I can only listen to music at very low volume levels. I have tried to use different headphones, but it makes no difference. And it is not only music that I am sensitive...
  9. Jon Sonne

    Portable DAP with parametric eq like electri-q?

    Hey Everyone, this is my second post :-)   I was just curious. Do you know of a digital audio player which can run a parametric eq with many bands, eg +20?    I was thinking of something similar to electri-q.    Thanks