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    Sony MDR-F1

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    Shure SE846CL SOLD

    Sold These were purchased in December 21016, In fine condition and function. Comes with: original packaging, 2 acoustic filters: Neutral (blue, Installed) and Enhanced Bass (Black), 6 tips of unused black olive foams, Carrying case and 2 cables. Please contact me for a shipping quote. Shipping...
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    Sony MDR-F1

    Spacious, natural sound.
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    Sony MDR-F1

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    Sony MDR-F1

    as new
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    Sony MDR-F1

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    Sony MDR-F1

  8. Amarphael

    Sony MDR-F1

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    IC: AKG K1000 Box Letters

    Rear damper has been sold.
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    IC: AKG K1000 Box Letters

    I have a set of box lettering. It's missing a letter "s". Some are a bit twisted but all intact and will take proper form when reglued. Also, A rear foam disc acoustic damper for one of the drivers. In very good condition, Received new from AKG in 2013.} I'd prefer to get rid of both together...
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    Beyerdynamic T90 Discussion and Support Thread

    After replacing of the headband the grey plastic gimbal blocks on my pair have become loose and prone to slide down on occasion when making adjustment with the headphones on. Did anyone here ever done this and encountered this problem?
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    Thanks to all who replied to my questions, Especially HAWX. It's disappointing to learn about the UI slowness and the handicapped control of the FM tuner. I guess i'll wait to see how the A40 series will turn out regarding these issues. BTW, Surprise surprise but there are those of us for...
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    The Official Sony MDR-Z1R Flagship Headphone Thread (Live From IFA 2016)

    Please chill, Jude is not a full-time journalist yet and is not subject to such ethical conduct. If he goes along with Tyll's propsal then what's the problem? And he definitely should because even if it proves one of Tyll's points is correct as to the differences in the presentaion of the 10K...
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    M2tech Hiface 2 USB-SPDIF Transport

    Do we need to post Bumps all over again...?
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