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  1. bobeau

    WTB: Campfire Vega

    Wanting a Vega in mint condition, willing to pay $1100 shipped CONUS.
  2. bobeau

    WTB: Campfire Andromeda

    Looking for a Campfire Andromeda... willing to go up to $875 if in mint condition.   Also open to trade for a FitEar TG!334.
  3. bobeau

    OSX software upsampler for streaming audio

    Hey Guys,   Just wondering if there is anything out there that can upsample/resample at the OS layer?   I'm not looking for something application to play music as a good deal of my listening is done thru MOG.  But at times I enjoy listening to music upsampled using Audio Midi Setup, so would...
  4. bobeau

    FitEar 000 Cable

    As the title says, in excellent condition.   SOLD shipped CONUS.
  5. bobeau

    WTB: FitEar TG!334

    If you have one FS, please send me the condition/price.   Thanks.
  6. bobeau

    WTB: FitEar TG334

    Looking to purchase a used unit in excellent condition.
  7. bobeau

    Audiophilleo 2

    In mint condition, purchased about a year ago to use with a Metrum Octave.  Has approx 500 hours of use, so well burned in.   Sorry no photos at the moment as it's in storage, but it has original box, etc, and will get to it in a day or three and definitely before sale is completed if before...
  8. bobeau

    Thunderpants (O2 pads/Ziricote)

    Purchased originally from the group buy.  Note that I waited about a half year to receive these, had some issues with the order, and sent them back to be made right which I waited another couple months for.    This is Gary's email when he sent these off on May 18:   "I kept them longer...
  9. bobeau

    JDS O2/ODAC combo

    Purchased about a half year ago new from JDS.  With power adaptor and 1 meter USB.  Has about 150-200 hours on it.  Mint condition.  Configured with 1x/2.5x gain settings - which makes much more sense when you use the DAC inline from a computer.  With my Thunderpants at 1x it gets to ear...
  10. bobeau

    WA6-SE Maxxed

    Just quit my job and will be transitioning into working as a remote contractor, hence no more desktop rig :(     Reselling amp I purchased from sillysally last year:   Blackgates, stepped attenuator, etc.  Build date is early 2009, of...
  11. bobeau

    DNA Sonett (Save Sadie!)

    First off for my *Save Sadie campaign...   Mint condition DNA Sonett #64.  As can be seen in the photo this unit is single-ended.  If you're unfamiliar with this awesome amp please take a look at this thread -   Its history is as such -...
  12. bobeau

    WTB: Rega DAC

    As the title says.  Willing to pay up to $800 shipped CONUS if in mint condition.
  13. bobeau

    Metrum Acoustics Octave

    Just read this:   Anyone thinking about ordering?  Have experience with the other Metrum DACs?   Tried both a MiniMax and Anedio and wasn't feeling the Sabre sound, at least w/ my Edition 8s.  Now I'm listening to an old Ack! Dack...
  14. bobeau

    San Diego amp tech?

    Just throwing it out there as I have a SinglePower amp I'd like to have inspected.  Anyone know a good one?  I'm thinking probably anyone who works on tube audio amps/guitar amps would be sufficient?
  15. bobeau

    SinglePower Slam... how does it rank to current options?

    Bought a Slam PPX3 w/ 6sn7 upgrade in late 2005.  Took a breather from headphone audio/Head-fi for a good 4 years or so.  Came back to see there was quite a scandal surrounding the company and it is now defunct.   Back in the day (mid '00s) the Slam seemed to be a dominant amp in its price...
  16. bobeau

    IC: ATH-L3000

    Hey Guys, I've been off the forum for awhile so I'm not sure exactly what the value of these are. Several mos ago I recall it was in the $2000-2200 area, and if it looks like I can hit that then these will be for sale (properly, w/ plenty of photos, history, and all that jazz). If these...
  17. bobeau

    L3000 Driver Defect Poll

    Fellow L3k Owners, By my estimate there are a least a couple dozen L3k owners on this site and it seems a good deal have experienced the dreaded bass buzz issue. Mine apparently had the issue when new, were fixed by the original owner, only to come back (in another guise?) @ ~150 hours. Now...
  18. bobeau

    Listening with freshy pierced ears?

    Guys, I just had both lobes pierced w/ fairly large (12 gauge) hoops. I asked about headphones and he cautioned against it, like for 3-4 months. Unless I keep the phones clinically clean. Any advice? I'm thinking regular leather cleaner/conditioner for my L3k pads might not be good, have...
  19. bobeau

    Fugazi - what's going on with them?

    Every time I check up on these guys it seems like they're deeply involved in projects w/labelmates and other obligations. I mean that's been par for the course with them, but it's like what a half decade since The Argument came out, they're middle aged, have families, etc. Anyone read/heard...
  20. bobeau

    San Diego Meet

    DateDec 10th (Saturday), 11am-5pm LocationRec room at Pacific Pines condo complex in Encinitas Directions (both North/South) Take 5 to Manchester. Turn left (east), go approx 1 mile. Past the second light Manchester turns into El Camino Real, maybe another 100 yards or so Pacific Pines will...
  21. bobeau

    20 Years Into Future - What will be 'classic rock'?

    Here's my rub - I feel extremely let down by rock music genre for oh, the past decade or so. It seems the few respected bands that have mainstream appeal (like White Stripes, Modest Mouse) are good, but not producing canonical, timeless material. While the plethora of indie bands, while also...
  22. bobeau

    Daft Punk

    As someone who's still rather clueless about club music/electronica... I've had Daft Punk's Disover for awhile and just started to pay attention to it. I like it. How exactly is this stuff classified, and what other groups should I look at?
  23. bobeau

    Bob Marley's recordings...

    It's not just the quality of the music, which is of course superb... but now my setup is quite nice I'm listening to the One Love compilation and am finding the recording quality of the songs stunning - the soundstage, detail, eq, etc, to be standouts amongst my music collection. Anyone feel...
  24. bobeau

    How to connect AV710 and SN Tubedac+?

    The AV710 has optical out. The tubedac+ is coax in. What are my options? If there are adaptors are they lossy?
  25. bobeau

    ATH-L3000 #403

    Just in - slightly used L3000s, courtesy of Canman. A few photos here, don't recall seeing the box/packaging before. Nor have I ever seen a picture of an L3000 w/ a pug. Box Inside box. Inside inside box. Sexy Sadie samples the leather goodness.