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  1. bazelio

    SOLD: Focal Elear

    Focal Elear in good shape for sale. $460 net to me. Can provide pics if absolutely required. But it's already packed for shipping. Baz.
  2. bazelio

    Sold: Modded HD650

    Rarely used modded Senn HD650s. Coin mod, some dynamat added. New owner can decide to clip the spider or not as they are still intact. $180 OBO
  3. bazelio

    Neurochrome HP-1: Ultra-High End Headphone Amp

    I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to the new headphone amp design by Tom Christiansen (Neurochrome).  This can be ordered pre-built, or as a partial-DIY project where Neurochrome supplies the PCB, chassis, and BOM list.  I'd caught wind of this amp a while back, and preordered the PCB from...
  4. bazelio

    Mr Speakers ETHER-C 1.1 With 1/4" DUM Like New

    Mr Speakers ETHER-C for sale.  I'm the original owner, and they are in perfect condition.  These are the 1.1 version and they have the 1/4" DUM cable.  Original box and packaging will come with the headphones.  The for sale price is net to me.  I prefer to use USPS priority flat rate, and the...
  5. bazelio

    Sigma-11 Linear PSU for MicroZOTL2, etc (115VAC, 12VDC, 2.5A peak)

    For sale is the AMB Sigma-11 linear power supply.  115V, 12VDC.  Originally designed for the MicroZOTL2 and it works absolutely great in that application.  Would work in other applications of the same specification of course.   Pics upon request, but the unit is mint.  It's a black aluminum...
  6. bazelio

    AGD NFB-1AMP *Like New* (3 weeks old)

    I've had this NFB-1AMP for 3 weeks only.  It's in perfect mint condition.  I have never opened the case or done anything with this amp other than listen to music.  I am selling only because my new ZDS tube amp arrived sooner than expected, and I had purchased the NFB-1AMP as temporary stand in...