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  1. Clincher09

    Galaxy S3/S4 or HTC One sound quality?

    I'm going to have to get a new phone soon, and what it really comes down to is which sounds better, the Galaxy S3 or S4 (if they're the same) or the HTC One?
  2. Clincher09

    Looking for a turntable

    I am currently looking for a turntable. I own a few vinyl records and I would like to expand my collection. I'm completely clueless when it comes to turntables though. What should I be looking for?
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    Is this a good laptop for my needs?
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    Need an amp for my Denon D2Ks

    Right now I'm using a Fiio E11 and while it does an adequate job I feel like there is much more to be desired. I'd like to keep the budget around $100-150 but I could bump it to $200 if the extra money spent was proportional to greater quality.    I know this is the portable amp section but...
  5. Clincher09

    Recommend me some amazing electronic albums

    I want some album recommendations. Not just "good" albums, but life changing albums. I don't want to listen to an album where maybe half the songs are good, I want a solid start to finish piece that I can listen to all the way through.  More specifically, I would like more electronic albums...
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    I want to build my own PC

    I need a good PC for music production, I had a pretty decent laptop but it came to an untimely death. Instead of buying a more expensive laptop I figured I would just build a PC instead. I have some knowledge regarding computer parts but I will need some assistance. For instance, what parts do I...
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    What can I do with my dead laptop?

    I bought a Dell Inspiron about 3 years ago and it was in perfect working condition until I found it one day with a puddle of water underneath it. My dad took it apart and confirmed that the motherboard was fried and my computer is dead forever. However, everything else is intact. I was wondering...
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    My subwoofer is humming

    I have a subwoofer that I use with my computer and it hasn't had any problems, but I turned it on last night and it started humming and I can't figure out what the problem is. Any ideas?
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    WTB: Any iPod for around

    iPod found, disregard this post
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    FS: PA2v2 SOLD

    I just received the amp last week. It's a great amp, it just doesn't suit my needs. It includes everything that it shipped with (amp, charger, cable). $OLD shipped CONUS.   Feedback required.
  12. Clincher09

    Most inexpensive good amp for D2Ks?

    I'm currently using the Denon D2000's out of a Zune and a Fiio E5. They sound great to me just with the E5 powering them, but from what I heard I'm missing out on the full sound I could be getting with my Denon's. I bough a PA2v2 but the E5 powers my Denon's just as well. I just ask for...
  13. Clincher09

    How are the Denon AHD2000s?

    On my quest to find some good bass heavy headphones I bought the Shure SRH750DJs, and while they do fit most of my needs a few things are lacking. Comfort wise, I feel like they have a vice grip on my head which is really bothersome. I listen to a lot of metal, and I really like the way the...
  14. Clincher09

    750DJ burn in

    How drastically do the Shure SRH750DJs change after burn in? I just got mine looking for an upgrade from my HD 485s, but out of the box I'm really disappointed. They don't have any more bass than my 485s, which was the main reason I wanted them, and if they don't change at all I'm going to...
  15. Clincher09

    WTB: Beyer DT770/80

    I'm looking for a used pair of DT770s in good condition, message me if you're selling. 
  16. Clincher09

    Fiio E5 from DealExtreme

    I ordered a Fiio E5 from almost a month ago and it hasn't arrive yet. Has anyone else ordered from this site and did it take this long?
  17. Clincher09

    Buying headphones off Ebay?

    I'm looking at some DT770s on Ebay that are a really good deal, what's the usual advice for buying from ebay?
  18. Clincher09

    Which set of Headphones is right for me?

    After doing a lot of research and asking around I've narrowed it down to the Audio Technica M50s, Shure SRH440s, and the AKG K-240s. I listen to a pretty wide range of music, some of the bands I listen to often are Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and I'd...
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    Samsung P2 8gig

    I'm selling my 8 gig Samsung P2. It works great and there are a few scratches on the top edge of it but other than that everything is in perfect working order. Message me if interested.    I don't have any pictures right now but I can have some up in the next day or two.
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    Help me pick from one of these headphones

    I edited this from the original thread. basically I have my headphones choices narrowed down but I can't get a clear answer and I need some help. Right now I'm using the Sennheiser HD 485s and I love them to death but I would like more bass without it being too muddy and a better soundstage...
  21. Clincher09

    Zune HD or Samsung P3?

    I'm currently using a Samsung P2, but it's getting old, the battery is dying and I think it's time for something new. The P2 is the best sounding device I've used but I really like the interface of the Zune HD and feel that it's much more superior than the Samsung. I haven't seen a P3 anywhere...
  22. Clincher09

    Help with burning DVDs

    I'm trying to burn a few videos to dvd, and I did successfully burn one yesterday, but it has some problems. It was an .avi file and I used total video converter to convert it to mpeg-4, but when watching the dvd if I rewind the video it only moves at 1/2 a second at a time, which is really...
  23. Clincher09

    Step up from Senn HD485s?

    I currently own the HD485s and I love them, but I was considering buying an amp and was wondering what amp requiring headphones I could get that were a step up for the 485s. My budget it $100-150. I should probably be more specific, I prefer open cans with a good amount of bass, and I like...
  24. Clincher09

    Sound quality: Zune HD or Samsung P2?

    I've really been considering swapping my Samsung P2 for the Zune HD. I'm not necessarily looking to upgrade, I just really like the Zune's UI. However, I was wondering if the Zune HD's sound quality comes close to the P2s. I know the Zune doesn't have a custom eq but my last Zune 30 sounded...
  25. Clincher09

    Can someone help me identify this movie?

    Random I know, but it was a movie where these people where on a cruise ship and it got attacked by giant octopus things. They ate most of the people on the boat and the movie was excessively gory. They somehow escaped the boat and landed on an island where they heard more of the giant monsters...