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  1. prismstorm

    Review by 'prismstorm' on item 'Noble Audio Katana'

    Shortly after my acquisition of the Noble Kaiser 10 (K10), the California-based marque announced the Katana, a new design featuring 9 custom drivers per side and promises a different tuning signature. In this review, I hope to depict Katana in its own light, and not so much compare it too...
  2. prismstorm

    Review by 'prismstorm' on item 'Campfire Audio Andromeda'

    Ever since I got the Campfire Audio (CA) Vega in late 2016, I really didn’t use anything else. It ticked so many of my boxes, that I was reluctant to return to other earphones. That was until the acquisition of the exciting new Cerakote (CK) Pacific Blue edition of the renowned CA 5BA flagship –...
  3. prismstorm

    Review by 'prismstorm' on item 'Noble Audio Kaiser 10'

    Noble Audio’s K10 is the IEM to get. A legendary classic in audiophile circles, this 10-driver IEM has a musical sound that works for all genres and if you want, can be made to custom fit your ears with your own choice of colours and materials. Having been the owner of several excellent...
  4. prismstorm

    Review by 'prismstorm' on item ' Campfire Audio Vega'

    I sincerely thought I had exited the audiophile trap with the dual flagships from Noble, with the K10 taking care of the thumpy bassy end of things, and the mellifluous blade that is the Katana complementing the more delicate end. After getting over the addiction of hoarding flagship IEMs that...
  5. qdc Balanced armature type (BA type) 3SH (QDC-4024)

    qdc Balanced armature type (BA type) 3SH (QDC-4024)

    Product description ★ "3SH" is the 3 driver model of the "HiFi series" located as a "listening model" even in the product lineup of qdc. Three BA drivers (balanced armature) are installed in this 3SH, and the Ba driver which qdc originally designed is adopted, respectively. Sound design is made...
  6. prismstorm

    Reply to review by 'prismstorm' on item 'Schiit Mjolnir 2'

    How hard is the MJ2 working (is the gain switched on, where the volume knob is turned to, SE vs balanced) to drive the HD800 to great effect? Is there ample 'headroom' left?   Save for except the HD-6, do you think it can drive all other headphones on the market (LCD-4 included)?