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  1. WoodyLuvr

    Comment by 'WoodyLuvr' in item 'Nhoord Audio Red v2'

    Actually finding that I am preferring the Grado L-Cush now over the G-Cush... my order of preference for both sound and comfort is as follows: Grado L-Cush Generic G-Cush Grado G-Cush Generic L-Cush
  2. WoodyLuvr

    Comment by 'WoodyLuvr' in item 'Nhoord Audio Red v2'

    FYI: It has been well over a month and I am finding I am preferring the generic G-cush ear pad with the Nhoord Red v2s... more comfortable and the bass seems to be more detailed, as well as the timbre. The soundstage might be wider as well due to the ear being ever so slightly further away. I...
  3. Nhoord Audio Red v2

    Nhoord Audio Red v2

    Red v2 by Nhoord Audio Frequency Range: 18hz -20,000hz Magnet: NdFeB Voice Coil: Hybrid Copper & Aluminium Impedance: 32Ω SPL: 95dB/1mW (110 dB/1V) Diameter: 46mm Height: 9mm (7mm side + 2mm protrusion) Frequency Response (Driver Only) Impedance and Phase (Driver Only)