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    HA! Clever title
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    I wiah i knew how the AK380 sounds. I can only say there are a few headfiers chose the LPG over the 380. However, there are sure to be people that seing the other way.
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    The line out issue I found is certainly unusual to say the least... The good news is that you can change the volume without much degredation. Purists may disagree though. You know im always ready to meet up! Ive been interested in the QP1R
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    @van nguyen I definitely feel ya! I'm glad that the LPG at least gives you control of the line out. I'm still curious as to whether this is an issue with my unit or with all units. hmm...
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    @acap13 Comparing the D14 to the LPG is similar to the idea I briefly mentioned about portable devices. The D14 has more of a bass bump to it but the LPG still has the better extension. The D14 is also quite a bit smoother sounding overall and it obviously cannot keep up with the resolution that...
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    Nice writeup! Just a heads up though, I assume the "airline adaptor" you're referring to is the UE buffer jack. That's not an airline adaptor =P
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    Review by 'Cotnijoe' on item 'Lotoo Paw 5000'

    Introduction: I’ve seen lotoo threads and discussions around Head-Fi before, but I haven’t paid too much attention to their products mostly because they’re fairly deceiving with their looks in the sense that they look rather primitive by today’s standards. However, I had the good luck of...
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    Review by 'Cotnijoe' on item 'Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors'

    Edit: So UE has announced the new update to the UERM, the UE Reference Remastered... 1 day after my review. Pretty ironic but it is what it is haha. So I guess this review may be more a tribute to the past than I had initially intended it to be as the UERM is now officially discontinued.   The...
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    Review by 'Cotnijoe' on item 'Cayin N5 DSD Lossless Music Player'

    Introduction:             Cayin is a company that has hit the portable audio market by storm the past year or two. Starting with their well-received and relatively budget friendly portable amplifiers, Cayin made their name known to portable audio enthusiasts. The same thing could be said with...
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    Review by 'Cotnijoe' on item 'ZMF Headphones Omni'

    Introduction:             I’ve always been curious about Zach’s modded Fostex T50RPs. I almost grabbed myself a set of the ZMF x Vibro from Massdrop a few months back, but decided against it due to many people saying that it’s a richer, darker, LCD-2 sort of sound, which isn’t my personal...
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    Review by 'Cotnijoe' on item 'Brainwavz S3'

    Introduction:             Hong Kong based Brainwavz has been making budget oriented IEMs for quite a few years now and has had a presence here on Head-Fi thanks to their generosity with providing review units to Head-Fiers. Their most recent creation, the S3, looks very much like its brothers...
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    Review by 'Cotnijoe' on item 'Nouske NH-14 Hybrid 2-Way Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphone'

    Introduction:             Nouske is a company I’ve never heard of or seen on Head-Fi or on the internet as a whole. I was first contacted by their rep, Laura, back in August regarding a new IEM they were releasing. Laura informed me that it was to be a single BA + dynamic hybrid IEM and asked if...
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    The bass extension issue was only an issue with my HE560. Bass extension was not an issue for anything else I tried, so I wouldn't doubt that the X1S does indeed have a ruler flat response in the low end. Perhaps I could have been a bit clearer in stating that, but I did mention that besides the...
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    The HE560's relatively low sensitivity still makes it a bit difficult to drive, although not nearly as bad as some other planars out there.
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    Review by 'Cotnijoe' on item 'Cayin N6 PCM1792A chip DSD lossless music player'

    Introduction: I received the Cayin N6 as a tour unit that was generously provided by CTC Audio. CTC Audio focuses on making brands that aren’t as accessible in North America, mostly from Asia, available. Jeremy, CTC’s rep here on Head-Fi, has been a great help throughout the tour, as there was...
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    @punit Unfortunately I've never gotten a chance to listen to the PM2... sorry!   @mochill So when I got the package, it has already been opened. So I'm not sure if TTVJ just opened to it to make sure everything works or what, but it did look like its been used a little. So I dont know how much...
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    @Amish Thanks! I appreciate it. It's funny, cuz I actually told a buddy early on when I first got them that they didnt impress me at all... I guess I spoke too soon there...
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    @twister6 @x RELIC x Thanks for the support guys! Appreciate it.   Haha I definitely agree that the Nighthawk's name and looks definitely reflect its tonality!
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    Review by 'Cotnijoe' on item 'AudioQuest - Nighthawk Headphones'

    Introduction: Having made a name for themselves in the industry with their cables and their Dragonfly USB DAC/Amp, AudioQuest has left the world very excited with anticipation for the release of their first headphone, the Nighthawk. With multiple prototypes making appearances at different meets...
  20. AudioQuest - Nighthawk Headphones

    AudioQuest - Nighthawk Headphones

    AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones The Intersection of Performance, Quality, Innovation, Sustainability, and Affordability: Reference-Setting AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones Tout Supreme Comfort and Involving Music Playback AudioQuest NightHawk around-the-ear semi-open headphones represent a...
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    @Ethereal Sound That's good to hear. If you enjoy the sound of the 4.Ai, then the Savant is definitely more similar than the K10 is. Of course its all personal preference. I personally enjoy the Savant more than the K10 despite it being 1000 dollars more. That's a very personal statement though...
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    Review by 'Cotnijoe' on item 'iBasso Audio D14 "Bushmaster"'

    Introduction: iBasso is a Chinese company that has been making some very quality portable components for very reasonable prices for quite some time now. I’ve owned multiple iBasso products, and when I saw that iBasso had announced their new portable DAC/Amp after some time away from their...
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    Hmmm interestingly... After thinking about it for a while, i cant think of any headphone im familiar with that has a similar sound presentation to the savant. When im out and about, i run the savant with my DX90 and it sound great, although not at the level of when i run it with my D14 or my...
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    Unfortunately I cant help you too much with those two. Its been too long since ive heard the SE535, and the only earsonics iem ive heard is the SEM6 (which i still dont know if it was a defective unit... It really sucked). Im sure as more units are sent out there will be people who can give...
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    Not so much "as good as" as much as I personally enjoying them both very much. I think the UERM is a very special iem. While both the UERM and Savant are fairly neutral, the Savant is smoother and more v shaped while the UERM is more analytical but also more detailed. I think they similar...