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  1. JLoud

    (SOLD) HeadAmp GSX mk2 Closed

    HeadAmp GSX mk2 in excellent cosmetic and working condition. The volume pot is a little scratchy at low volume. Only when adjusting at 9 o’clock or below. Silent when listening. UPDATE:cleaned volume pot, no issue now. Completely silent. I will cover PayPal fees, buyer covers shipping.
  2. JLoud

    CLOSED Woo WA5le v2(Sold)

    Selling my WA5le version 2. This has the selectable impedance switch, hi/lo input switch, and hi/lo power switch. XLR and RCA inputs as well as 4 pin XLR and 6.3mm headphone jacks. This version puts the full 8 watts out of both jacks. Drove my Abyss TC, LCD-4, and HE6se easily. Comes with...