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  1. seeteeyou

    2017 Audio Technica new flagship ATH-ADX5000

    Full Magnesium Design 58-mm Drivers Cables with A2DC connectors $2,000 MSRP Available in November 2017
  2. seeteeyou

    $600 Saygus V² - Android 4.4.4 phone with dual µSD storage       $549 for now, nice source with 256GB + 256GB + 32GB when we do something like this?  ...
  3. seeteeyou

    $299 Roland Mobile UA - USB DAC/amp with S1LKi 1-bit DSP

    $599 desktop version here
  4. seeteeyou

    $599 Roland Super UA - USB DAC/amp with S1LKi 1-bit DSP   Supposedly it's like AK4396 that could handle direct...
  5. seeteeyou

    $1295 Aurender FLOW - portable DAC/amp with mSATA slot for up to 1TB SSD

    Interesting concept for sure, looking forward to reviews in the near future since their products for ultra high-end market were excellent.  ...
  6. seeteeyou

    Pioneer U-05 USB DAC/amp with dual ES9016 6.3-mm SE, headphone output = 180 mW+180 mW (32 Ω) 3-pin balanced...