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  1. avitron142

    Can't view my reviews with the new layout

    I've been posting my reviews as work experience on my resume, and now I can't even view them myself. Where is the page with all my reviews? My resume is shot if I can't show it to them :frowning2:
  2. avitron142

    Aune B1 - Open Box

    I just received the B1 - literally half an hour ago. I used it for a few minutes, realized I don't need it, and now need to sell it. I eat shipping, buyer pays PP fees. Let me know if you're interested!   Edit: I am only able to offer this for sale if Amazon does not allow the return. Thanks!
  3. avitron142

    Final Audio Design Heaven VII w/ Silver Plated cable (recabled) - Price Drop

    Got these in a trade, was supposed to get a MOJO. I have too many IEM's, so this one has to go.   The VII is in mint condition, and the cable was upgraded to 6N Silver plated.   CONUS only. Had a bad experience with international recently. Looking for $280. As these cost more than double the...
  4. avitron142

    [WTB] DACPort Slim

    Like the description says, I'm looking for a DACPort Slim. I'm strictly looking for one at $85 or below; anything higher than that, I might as well get it from Massdrop. Let me know if you have one you're looking to get rid of! Thanks.
  5. avitron142

    Shozy Alien (shipping to CONUS included)

    This is one of the best sounding players - not just in its price range; period. If you're looking for fabulous SQ, and a jaw-dropping presentation, and you're on a budget - this is it, the Alien is right up your alley.   Don't trust me - look in the thread for comparisons. It's not a hype...
  6. avitron142

    WTB/WTT for Graphics Card in the $100-200 range

    Looking for a GTX 760/770/670/960 etc. or equivalent. Must be under 9 inches (a.k.a ITX form), since that's how much room I have in my desktop.   Will trade for pretty much anything in my profile too, as long as it's a reasonable trade. 
  7. avitron142

    Geek Out 1000 - including paypal and shipping!

    I have a good condition Geek Out 1000 for sale, which comes with a case and Mediabridge USB extender. Price includes shipping fees and paypal fees to CONUS. Feel free to shoot me a PM. Priced to sell!
  8. avitron142

    Geek Out 1000 for Trade - portable DAC/amp wanted

    I have a Geek Out 1000 in good condition that I would like to trade... preferably for a different portable DAC/amp, but I'm open to all reasonable offers. Have to work on a review today, so no pictures yet, but will definitely upload upon request. 
  9. avitron142

    Meier Corda Headamp 2 incl. shipping

    For sale is a fantastic desktop amp with crossfeed, the head-fi'er I bought it from a month ago compared it to the Lyr-2 with little/no differences. I am moving away from desktop and going to portable, so that's why I'm selling this.  Mint condition, versatile with both low and high resistance...
  10. avitron142

    Schiit Magni 2 Uber Pickup only MINT

    Bought these secondhand about 2 months ago, although the first owner never got a chance to use it as he immediately got an asgard. I don't really have time for desktop amps, and only used it 3-4 times myself. Mint condition and $50 under the regular price. Pickup only Queens/Brooklyn area.  ...
  11. avitron142

    Fiio E18 for Shozy Alien OR any reasonable trades - Open to anything decent.

    I have a Fiio E18 I just got yesterday, so it's practically brand new. This is amazing with all types of vocals, it's just a shame that I'm not much of a vocal guy. Looking for a Shozy Alien player, but if you have any other (sane) suggestions, I'm willing to hear it! PM me.   I haven't had...
  12. avitron142

    Shozy Alien DAP Wanted

    I am looking for a Shozy Alien player. PM me for details, I'm willing to be a bit flexible on the price. Keep in mind though that currently they sell for $170 and Massdrop might get another drop going for $150.   Thank you!
  13. avitron142

    Best Stores in Manhattan to Demo Headphones

    Here's to all the people who want to try out all the mid/higher range headphones before you buy them, and live in the Manhattan / New York area  And here we go! :   AC Gears are #1 if you want to try out your headphones before buying them. They have a great selection, and their prices are...
  14. avitron142

    Monoprice 8323 Modding

    I was quite inspired by this thread and decided to be open to modding my own 8323's. Just was wondering if anybody has any suggestions how to go about it.   What I'm looking for:   Microphonics: Any way to get rid of these would be...