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  1. WDitters

    SOLD: Audeze Mobius audiophile Bluetooth Planar gaming headphones

    For sale due to downsizing gaming setup: 1 pair of Audeze Mobius audiophile Bluetooth Planar gaming headphones in fantastic condition. (We have two pairs, and this one has therefore has known little use) Complete with all manuals, accessories Buyer pays shipment and paypal fees.
  2. WDitters

    FOUND: iBasso balanced burn-in cable

    Looking for a balanced iBasso burn-in cable PM me if you want to part with it
  3. WDitters

    SOLD: FiiO M11 PRO

    For sale due to upgrade to M15 FiiO M11 PRO in mint condition, only a few weeks old. Sold with original packaging and invoice Shipped extras: SK-M11 leather case + PU transparant case Buyer pays shipping + paypal fees
  4. WDitters

    SOLD: Denon AH-D7200 headphones MINT

    For sale due to upgrade to Denon AH-D9200. One pair of Denon AH-D7200 headphones, mint condition. Including original packaging and accessories. Can be driven balanced (with optional aftermarket cable). Compatible with f.i Focal or Meze upgrade cables etc. Gets awesome reviews everywhere. In...
  5. WDitters

    Headphones in Snow Cake

    Can anyone tell me what make/model are the headphones used in the movie "Snow Cake". There is a scene where Alan Rickman goes into Vivienne's room and listens to a Stereophonics track on a set of very nice looking headphones ... Does anyone have a clue?